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Free promo codes on Midjourney lady pointing to them

Midjourney Promo Codes

Free promo codes on Midjourney lady pointing to them

As of today, Midjourney doesn’t don’t offer any promotional codes. However, don’t let that deter you! Midjourney has crafted several other compelling alternatives that make their innovative platform accessible and appealing.

Regardless of the unavailability of promo codes, their other offerings such as annual discounts, earning fast hours via ranking, and occasional free trial perks continue to add value to their subscribers.

Read further down and we’ll go over all of the options about Midjourney promo codes, free trials, and ways to save money with the AI image-generating software.

Are There Any Promo Codes for Midjourney?

As it stands, Midjourney hasn’t created or released any promo codes. But don’t worry! We’re vigilant across all their platforms – their official website, Discord, and Twitter, keeping a lookout for any whispers of discounts, particularly during festive seasons.

If we find any, we’ll update it here.

How Can I Save Money on Midjourney?

Here’s a pleasant surprise! Midjourney already has an enticing deal in the works. If you’ve been pondering about subscribing, their annual plan is a new way to save a bit of money when signing up for Midjourney.

You’d be landing a neat 20% discount compared to their monthly subscription. Since the basic plan is $8, the standard plan is $30, and the pro plan is $60, you’d be saving $24 yearly on the basic plan, $72 on the standard plan, and $144 on the pro plan if you sign up for the yearly deal instead of paying monthly.

What Does Midjourney’s Free Trial Offer?

As of April 2023, Midjourney’s free trial is taking a break. Their servers simply cost too much to keep up with all of the free accounts and bot abuse of their system.

However, when active, it grants you 25 opportunities to generate images.

And they did bring back the free trial for a weekend when they launched Midjourney version 5.1, so there is hope they’ll bring back the free trial on a full-time basis.

Another fun part is that since Midjourney creates images in quartets, you actually walk away with 100 images during the trial! It’s a golden opportunity to try out this innovative AI imagery tool when they do end up bringing it back.

How Can I Earn Free Fast Hours on Midjourney?

One new way Midjourney introduced to customers to save a bit of money is to get a bit more actively involved in the community. If you’re on any of the basic, standard, or pro plans, you can earn a free Fast GPU hour each day simply by rating images. The top 2000 raters each day get a bonus Fast hour, which expires 30 days from the date awarded.

Midjourney says each fast hour equates to about 200 images, so it’s not a bad deal. From what people on Reddit and other websites say, you usually have to rate about 50 images in a day to get to the top 2000 raters. So, depending on how fast you are, that one extra free hour probably only takes you 5-15 minutes to get.

How Do I Rate Images on Midjourney?

As a subscriber, you can rank image pairs at midjourney.com/app/rank-pairs/ to earn free Fast GPU hours. Select the image you prefer for each pair shown. If you’re one of the top raters for the day, you’ll receive a message from the Midjourney Bot. These bonus hours are valid for 30 days and require an active subscription.

Here’s an example when I just pulled up the rank pairs function:

An example of the ranked pairs function on Midjourney to get a free fast hour

What Criteria Should I Use for Ranking?

Ranking is entirely based on personal preference. Choose the image you prefer based on aspects like appearance, effort, colors, concept, or theme. I’m not sure if this whole rating system by Midjourney will help them too much, but at least it’s an interesting idea.

How Do I Keep Track of My Free Hours?

You can check your earned hours by rating images on your Midjourney.com/account page, in the Bonus category. So, let’s dive in and enjoy the journey with Midjourney!

What’s in the Basic Plan of Midjourney?

Looking into their Basic Plan, priced at $10 per month, you can generate approximately 200 images with Midjourney’s avant-garde models. Breaking it down, it’s just about $0.05 per image!

Given the superior quality of the images, it’s one of the best deals on the internet when compared to other leading image generators like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.

What are the Usage Rights for Midjourney’s Free Trial?

Even if and when they bring back the free trial for Midjourney, you have non-commercial rights only, and you’ll need to give credit to Midjourney by linking to their website. If you wanted to use the images commercially and without all the baggage of being tied to their website, etc, then an upgraded version like the standard or pro plans would be the way to go.

Is Midjourney Completely Free to Use?

Now, onto the question of Midjourney’s cost. Back in its early days in July 2022, Midjourney allowed users to create up to 25 images for free. All it required was a free Discord account and a hop into the Midjourney server. Once you started crafting images, your free trial kicked off, offering you up to 25 images.

However, as of April 2023, the free trial has been paused. The surge of free users and the consequential GPU power cost, coupled with increased bot activity and misuse, prompted this move.

Will the Free Trial on Midjourney Return?

With the launch of Midjourney 5.1, they did briefly revive the free trial. Does that mean the full-time free trial might return? Only time will tell! Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for updates!

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