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A chaotic painting showing How to Use the Chaos Parameter in Midjourney

How to Use the Chaos Parameter in Midjourney (‘–chaos’)

A chaotic painting showing How to Use the Chaos Parameter in Midjourney

Finding the typical output of Midjourney’s /imagine prompts a little too predictable? Eager to add some wild unpredictability or subtly nuanced differences to your generated image grids?

If you’re nodding along, buckle up!

We’re about to delve into the world of Midjourney’s ‘–chaos’ parameter (also known as ‘–c’), your gateway to boundless artistic exploration.

What is the Chaos Parameter in Midjourney?

In the realm of Midjourney, the ‘–chaos’ parameter is the wizard’s wand that gives you control over the diversity of your image grids.

After each ‘/imagine’ prompt, Midjourney conjures up a grid of four distinct images, like this:

a grid of 4 images in Midjourney

By default, the chaos value is set at 0, maintaining harmony and similarity among the four images.

But if you’re yearning for far more variety then that’s where the ‘–chaos’ parameter takes center stage! Here’s the same image grid with –chaos set all the way to 100 at maximum:

Even though that image is using the same seed (where each image starts from), each of the four images is a vastly different interpretation of the prompt compared to before! This is in essence what the ‘–chaos’ function does.

How Does the Chaos Parameter Change Midjourney Images?

Think of the chaos parameter as the director of your artistic journey.

At its lowest setting of 0 (the default value), ‘–chaos’ weaves a story where the four images in the grid share a striking similarity, at least usually.

But as you venture higher towards a chaos value of 100, each image starts to march to the beat of its own drum, presenting you with a diverse range of creative outputs. With each step, the narrative becomes more intriguing, as the four images become increasingly unique.

How Can I Change the Chaos Value?

Manipulating the chaos value in Midjourney is a piece of cake. All you need to do is add ‘–chaos’ or ‘–c’, followed by your chosen value, to the end of your prompt.

For example, “/imagine a wild goose chase –c 50” would use the chaos value of 50.

The chaos value can range anywhere between 0 and 100. Choosing a lower value ensures similarity among the generated images, while a higher value promises a broader spectrum of variation and unpredictability.

In a nutshell, Midjourney’s chaos parameter is your creative ally, empowering you to dictate the diversity of your generated image grids. Whether you seek similarity or yearn for variety, the ‘–chaos’ parameter is your magic wand, ready to transform your creative journey into a rollercoaster of artistic exploration.

So, are you ready to embrace the chaos and take your image generation journey to new heights? Go for it!

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