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A crazy flying taxi showing How to Use the Stylize Parameter (--stylize) in Midjourney

How to Use the Stylize Parameter (–stylize) in Midjourney

A crazy flying taxi showing How to Use the Stylize Parameter (--stylize) in Midjourney

Are you fed up with creating uninspiring, humdrum images while using Midjourney AI art generator? Do you feel as though your creations are falling short, lacking in artistic flair and visual appeal?

Don’t despair!

That’s where stylize in Midjourney comes into play. Take a seat, breathe in, and let’s dive into the world of the Stylize Parameter in Midjourney.

What is the Stylize Parameter (–stylize, –s) in Midjourney?

Just as a brushstroke can bring a painting to life, the Stylize Parameter, also known as –stylize or –s, is what puts the magic into your Midjourney Bot’s creations.

This parameter, a product of artistic training, controls how strongly this training is reflected in your images. Like a digital brush in your hand, –stylize dictates the artistic color, composition, and forms in your output.

But what does it mean in practice?

Imagine you’re creating an image, and out of nowhere, –stylize decides to join the party. Low stylization values will give you images that are faithful to your prompt but may lack an artistic touch.

Crank it up, and you’ll get highly artistic images that may, however, bear less resemblance to your initial prompt.

How Does the Stylize Parameter Influence My Images?

Think of the –stylize parameter as a magic dial, twisting the aesthetics of your image from simple and straightforward to abstract and artsy.

Depending on the Midjourney model you’re using, the –stylize parameter ranges from 0 to 1000, with 100 being the default setting.

A lower value (like –stylize 50) keeps your image closely aligned with your prompt but might lack in creative flair. Increase the stylize value (let’s say, to –stylize 5000), and your image starts to take on a more artistic vibe.

If you really want to push the envelope, turn the dial all the way up to –stylize 1000, and you’ll get a highly artistic (albeit loosely prompt-related) masterpiece.

How Do I Use the Stylize Parameter?

If you’re ready to embrace the artistic wizardry of the Stylize Parameter, here’s how to work your magic:

First, you can use the –stylize or –s parameter at the end of your prompt, as in “/imagine taxi flying with wings –s 100”. Note this is the default value. But that prompt gives us an image like this (using version 5.0):

example showing stylize /imagine taxi flying with wings --s 100

Now we can crank the stylize option up to 500 using the same seed (to keep the image consistent) and just see how different it looks:

example showing stylize /imagine taxi flying with wings --s 500

And finally, using the –stylize 1000 (maximum) option, we get something like this:

example showing stylize /imagine taxi flying with wings --s 1000

If you want a more visual way of changing your stylization values, just type /settings and select your preferred stylize value from the menu like below:

Choose between Low, Med, High, or Very High stylization to watch your creations transform from bland to grand. Whichever option you choose will become the default until you change it again, so don’t forget!

How Does the Stylize Parameter Differ Between Midjourney Models?

Midjourney offers a variety of models to choose from, each with its own stylize range. This might sound intimidating, but fear not! The value range for the stylize parameter stays constant between models, allowing for a smooth transition as you switch between them.

Whether you’re using the niji 5, Version 4, or Version 5 model, the default and range for the stylize parameter remain the same, with default at 100 and range between 0 and 1000. The Version 5.1 model prefers to use the new RAW mode.

The only difference lies in the visual output each model generates at various stylize settings.

No matter which Midjourney model you’re using, remember that your artistry is bound only by the limits of your imagination. With the stylize parameter, you hold the key to a world of creative potential.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and unleash your inner artist today!

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