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What is RAW Mode in Midjourney Version 5.1 showing a sprawling city landscape

What is RAW Mode in Midjourney Version 5.1?

What is RAW Mode in Midjourney Version 5.1 showing a sprawling city landscape

Imagine you’re comfortably lounging in your favorite armchair on a lazy Sunday, sipping on a cup of hot chocolate. In your head, you’re visualizing a breathtaking image – a sprawling, vibrant cityscape bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun.

But you’re an imaginative soul, not a Picasso.

Enter MidJourney version 5.1, your personal AI artist. With just a simple command, it translates your vision into a mesmerizing digital canvas like the image you see above.

But, what if you want the AI to step back a bit, giving you more control over the image-generation process? Here comes the RAW Mode, ready to add a bit more ‘you’ into the AI magic.

Let’s start by exploring what the new “RAW Mode” in Midjourney is, then followed by the other new features of version 5.1.

What’s RAW Mode in Midjourney Version 5.1?

Let’s switch gears and talk about the newest kid on the MidJourney block – the RAW Mode. It’s a bit like ordering sushi – you’re getting an authentic, unprocessed, ‘raw’ experience, but in the context of AI image generators.

So, how does this translate in the world of AI image generation? Simply put, RAW Mode gives the creative control back to you. It encourages the AI to provide more ‘un-opinionated’ results, creating images that are more akin to previous versions in terms of letting go of the default style you might find in new versions of Midjourney.

If version 5.1 is like a meticulous chef who carefully curates every ingredient for the perfect dish, RAW Mode is like having that same chef on standby, letting you take the helm and make the meal your own.

How to Enable RAW Mode in Midjourney?

There are two easy ways to dip your toes into RAW Mode. Let’s dig into them:

#1. Use RAW Mode in a Prompt:

Start by ensuring that you’re running the latest MidJourney 5.1. You can do this by going to the MidJourney bot on your Discord server, typing “/settings”, and selecting “MJ version 5.1” from the options.

Now, let’s say you’re craving an image of a ‘gloomy, gothic castle under a full moon’. Normally, you’d just type this in. However, to use RAW Mode, simply add “–style raw” at the end of your prompt. So your request now looks like this: “gloomy, gothic castle under a full moon –style raw.” This way, you’re commanding the AI to create an image with a more unfiltered, ‘raw’ feel.

#2. Permanently Activate RAW Mode:

The above method lets you dabble in RAW Mode. But what if you want to dive headfirst into it? To make RAW Mode your default setting, go to “/settings” again, make sure “MJ version 5.1” is activated, and then select the “RAW Mode” option. Now, every piece of art MidJourney conjures up for you will be in RAW Mode, no matter what prompt you give.

Why the Need for RAW Mode?

The primary aim behind introducing RAW Mode is to grant users more creative freedom. Think of version 5.1 as a talented but somewhat stubborn artist with a distinct style. RAW Mode, on the other hand, is like the same artist agreeing to paint as per your precise vision.

While the standard 5.1 version serves well for most purposes, sometimes you might crave a bit more control over your artistic endeavors. And that’s where RAW Mode comes into play, giving you the reins to MidJourney’s artistic horsepower.

What’s New in MidJourney 5.1?

With version 5.1, MidJourney has risen like a phoenix, delivering sharper images, fewer unwanted artifacts, and overall improved coherence. Now, the AI needs shorter prompts to deliver stunning visuals, which means less screwing around with long prompts for you as a user!

This is especially great if you’re not an advanced prompter, as most people don’t have the time of day learning to explore super-long explanatory prompts (even if they do get better images in the end).

Version 5.1 of Midjourney comes with a bunch of cool new tweaks.

#1. You can tile images in Midjourney

This iteration of Midjourney also comes with the new “–tile” feature. If you’re at all familiar with other types of image processing software, you’ll know what this is attempting to get at. Essentially, write your image prompt, such as “big fat fluffy cute cat –tile –v 5.1 –style raw” and instead of one big fat cat, you’ll get the same one, or at least similar, tiled across the image.

Example of the new --tile function in Midjourney

#2. Crystal Clear Portraits with Zero Clutter

MidJourney 5.1 has waged war against unnecessary clutter and unwanted artifacts, giving birth to crisp, clean portraits and lifestyle images. The random text or borders that used to be pesky gatecrashers at your art party are now shown the exit, making the post-processing experience a breeze, even amidst a labyrinth of intricate details.

#3. Painting Humans with an Unprecedented Realism

The latest version of MidJourney has taken a quantum leap towards perfecting the portrayal of human subjects. Get ready to be awestruck by more realistic expressions, natural imperfections, and the ever-challenging hand renditions. Sure, they might not be perfect, but they’re leaps and bounds ahead of their predecessors.

#4. Journey Towards Photorealism

From its inception to the thrilling version 5.1, MidJourney’s voyage towards photorealism has been nothing short of a captivating odyssey. Comparing the artworks churned out by different versions using the same prompt is akin to time-traveling through MidJourney’s impressive evolution.

#5. A Riot of Colors with Superior Management

MidJourney 5.1’s robust color management system ensures that your digital canvases are teeming with vibrant, visually pleasing hues. This feature is a godsend for those who grapple with the nuances of color composition in their prompts.

#6. Choice between Artistic or Authentic Results

Armed with the ability to switch the RAW mode on or off, users can now oscillate between MidJourney’s ‘opinionated’ interpretations or more genuine, unedited images. This liberty empowers creators to produce images that resonate with their unique vision, minimizing the need for any afterthought alterations or touch-ups.

#7. Precision-Focused Prompt Decoding

MidJourney 5.1 prides itself on its improved precision in understanding and converting your prompts into stunning visual narratives. This upgrade shines especially bright in the realm of photo composition, inviting users to play around with camera angles and depth of field for a more cinematic, true-to-life output.

Final Thoughts

With the new version 5.1 and the RAW Mode, MidJourney continues to push the boundaries of AI artistry. The power to create stunning images now lies at the tip of your fingers, just a command away. RAW Mode is more than just a feature. It’s a statement and testament to the relentless pursuit of blending artificial intelligence with human creativity.

So, buckle up and get ready to embark on an epic journey with MidJourney.

Happy creating!

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