• How 11 Famous Webcomics Make Money Online

    I’ve been on a weird mission these past few months: to learn how to draw digitally and start an odd webcomic about politically-minded cats.

    As part of that endeavor, I’ve been learning anything and everything I can about existing popular webcomics.

    This article is a look at how some of the most popular webcomics are able to earn a living today.

    You might be surprised at some of the results. I’ve tried to include all public sources of income, as well as any reported numbers that exist on the internet.…

  • Can I Make Money with Substack.com Newsletters?

    Since the day I started blogging and researching how to do well in this industry, I’ve heard one constant piece of advice: Start building your email list.

    Now that I’m more experienced I realized …they were absolutely right!

    If you ever want to make decent money in the blogging world, you need to build an email list.

    So why not start right now in 2020?

    Building an email list can be a daunting task for a non-techie (like myself). Fortunately, there’s a company out there called Substack that makes this incredibly easy.…