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Remix Mode sign behind a DJ playing on Midjourney

What is the Remix Mode Function on Midjourney?

Remix Mode sign behind a DJ playing on Midjourney

Ever found yourself locked in a creative rut while working with Midjourney’s image generation tool? Stuck with an image that’s almost perfect but not quite there yet? We’ve all been there.

But don’t hit that “delete” button just yet!

It’s time to explore the innovative feature Midjourney offers: Remix Mode. So settle down and buckle up as we journey through the transformative powers of Remix Mode.

What is Remix Mode in Midjourney?

Midjourney’s Remix Mode is an experimental feature that allows you to tinker and tweak your images in countless ways without starting from scratch. Whether you want to change the lighting, adjust the aspect ratio, or even transform the subject altogether, Remix Mode lets you do it. It’s like giving your image a fresh coat of paint while retaining its essence.

Imagine it as Midjourney’s way of saying, “Hey, let’s try this a different way!”

To activate Remix Mode, you can use the /prefer remix command or toggle it on in the settings (type “/settings” and hit enter) with the 🎛️ Remix Mode button. This changes the behavior of the variation buttons (V1, V2, V3, V4) under your image grids.

With Remix enabled, these buttons will turn green instead of the usual blue, and you can modify your prompt during each variation.

How Does Remix Mode Work?

Once you’ve activated Remix Mode, choose an image or an upscaled image you’d like to remix. Hit the “Make Variations” button and enter or modify the prompt in the pop-up dialog box.

And voila! Midjourney Bot generates a fresh image influenced by your original creation but guided by the new prompt.

It’s crucial to remember that Remix Mode isn’t a free-for-all. You can add or remove parameters while remixing, but they have to be compatible. For instance, if you’re using a specific model version that doesn’t support the “Stylize” parameter, trying to combine them will return an error. Keep in mind that only parameters that normally affect variations will work while you’re using Remix Mode.

Example of Remix Mode in Midjourney

Let’s run through a quick example showing how it works in action. For this, let’s start with a nice image of a purple apartment building.

A purple apartment building showing how to use remix mode on Midjourney

Totally normal, right?

Okay, now we’re going to totally change how the building looks by making the material something different instead. Let’s hit the “Vary (strong)” button, erase the existing prompt when the pop-up shows, and type in “fluffy marshmallows”.

That leads us to these variations:

A purple apartment building turned into marshmallows showing how to use remix mode on Midjourney

And there we have an awesome fluffy apartment building made out of delicious marshmallows!

You can see how it tries to keep the essence or shape of the original image but changes everything, or at least the main object, to the new material or whatever it is you want to prompt. It’s definitely far from perfect, but you can do a lot of different image modifications with this tool now.

If you want something even more useful, akin to an inpainting feature, to add specific items to an image, you can try using the “Vary (region)” function instead or in addition.

Can I Keep Remixing an Image Multiple Times?

Absolutely! With Remix Mode, you can develop one idea through a series of iterations, getting closer to your envisioned masterpiece with each step. Started with a basic shape and want to evolve it into a mind-blowing piece of art? No problem.

Each time you use the Remix Mode, you add another layer of complexity and creativity to your original image.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a casual user just looking to spice up your image library or a serious artist seeking that elusive “perfect” image, Remix Mode is an invaluable tool. It may be experimental and subject to change, but it’s a testament to Midjourney’s commitment to push the boundaries of image generation.

Remember, creativity is all about breaking out of your comfort zone. With Remix Mode, you’re not just stepping out—you’re leaping into a world of endless possibilities. So go ahead, get remixing!

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