• What is Self-Serving Bias? Examples, Definition, and Experiments

    Self-serving bias is where people have a strong tendency to feel positive events in their life were the result of their own hard work, whereas negative events were caused by something out of their control.

    I’ll make you a bet.

    I bet you feel:

    You’re better at your job than most co-workers You’re a nicer person than the general public You’re probably more intelligent than a lot of your friends You’re at least more attractive than average That you can even drive better than most, too


    And if you don’t agree—what, do you think you’re more honest than most people too?…

  • How to Predict the Future: A Scientifically Proven Method

    I was fascinated with Nostradamus as a child. The idea that a person could see and predict the future was nothing short of amazing to my young mind.

    I read as many short novellas on the subject as I could get my little hands on. And I ate them up as fast as I could devour my sacks of Halloween loot every year.

    No one really noticed my obsession. I read books voraciously at that age, and these were just a few of many.…

  • How ‘Transportation Theory’ Can Help Your Writing Captivate Readers

    Compelling writing can transport you to another dimension full of Gary’s.

    You come home after a long day at the office and enter your apartment building. You stroll wearily to the open elevator, looking forward to a refreshing PB&T sammich.

    Unfortunately, your annoying 13th-floor neighbor Gary has just come through the front door, noticed you, and is trying to ride up with you. You sneakily smash the ‘close door’ button as hard as you can until that sweet moment of relief hits and Gary is left annoying himself in the lobby where he belongs.

  • Neuroscientists Say Music Can Help Reduce Your Anxiety Levels

    “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” — Confucius

    Almost every single one of us enjoys being enveloped in the sounds we love. You know which music calms you. What songs get you up off your feet and dancing.

    Which annoying track you can’t get out of your head no matter how hard you try.

    “Opp, opp, opp. Oppa Gangnam style!”


    Scientists now call these ‘earworms’ and they have a scientific formula for estimating which ones annoy you the most.…

  • What is the Beauty Premium and Why It Means You Make Less Money

    “My ideas at work always suck. Until my boss comes up with them 6 months later.”

    Is your boss an imbecile?

    Do the top-brass in your company remind you of a neverending episode of The Three Stooges sometimes?

    How many times has your jaw dropped on the table after a head honcho said yet another astonishingly moronic phrase?

    Most of us have known these types of managers and executives — and always wondered how the hell they got in their positions.…

  • 5 Unusual Things That Might Be Ruining Your Sleep

    I still remember faking sick when I was a kid. I’d rub my forehead until it was red, wait a few minutes, walk into my parent’s room and raspily say “I don’t feel so good.

    Queue sad puppy face.

    Of course, I was never actually sick when I did this once or twice (okay maybe 50 times). I just really wanted to go back to sleep.

    I love sleeping. And yet I’m terrible at it.

    To top it off, I’m a lifelong unwilling subscriber to having dark circles under my eyes.…

  • How to Win an Investment Pitch: Kevin O’Leary’s Top 3 Recommendations

    “I’ve probably heard more than 10,000 pitches … and truth be told, most of them sucked.” — Kevin O’Leary

    The well-known business magnate Kevin O’Leary has certainly been around the startup block a few times.

    His first successful company — an educational software producer called Softkey — was sold to Mattel at the height of the 90’s bubble for $4.2 billion.

    Later on, his career took him into many different ventures, even owning a hedge fund and an early-stage venture capital company.…

  • The Science Behind How the Act of Giving Can Actually Make You Happier

    “Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

    Do you consider yourself happy? Sad? Depressed? Maybe you feel one of these emotions from time to time. Or maybe you’re stuck in an extended rut and are looking to find a way out of it.

    There are many fluctuations in our state of mind that we can all be in.…

  • How to Use Daily Self-Affirmations If You Have High or Low Self-Esteem

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    “Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.” — Maxwell Maltz

    You wake up, go to the bathroom, and look at the note on the mirror.

    I am a happy person. I am amazing. I am friendly, smart, and everyone likes me.

    You get ready, grab your coffee, and go to work. You have an absolutely terrible day.

    You go home and rip the note down from the mirror, wondering why you were ever so stupid to listen to that self-help guru that told you to put it there in the first place.…

  • Solving the “Simple” Two Door Riddle From Labyrinth

    If you remember the awesome movie Labyrinth by Jim Henson, you’ll probably remember three things from the movie:

    A young Jennifer Connelly led the movie as a curious adventurer David Bowie starred as a creepy crystal ball-holding madman The weird double-headed guards with the weird life or death, truth or lie puzzle

    It turns out, the simple but somehow complicated riddle that many children didn’t stop to think about for longer than 5 minutes was a variation of an old logic puzzle called Knights and Knaves.…