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what is cultural perspective in psychology

What is Cultural Perspective in Psychology?

what is cultural perspective in psychology

Cultural perspective is how we see a concept, event, or situation through our environment and social influence. This perspective is what a society and culture reap upon a person’s entire perspective and how they view the world, unless self-reflection is adequate enough to stop it.

Think of products that sound funny in other languages, but are totally normal where they are mostly sold. Mannerisms are also a common amusement or insult across different cultures, like the peace sign vs being thought of as the middle finger, wiping your bum with one hand, or shaking hands with another.

Understanding Cultural Perspective Through a Fun Metaphor

Imagine a world where everyone has a pair of glasses, but each pair of glasses is slightly different. These glasses aren’t just for seeing things clearly, they also have filters that change how everything looks. These filters represent the cultural perspective that each person carries with them.

Just like the glasses, the cultural perspective shapes how we interpret the world around us. It can make certain things appear more important or relevant, while others may fade into the background. Sometimes, these filters can lead to misunderstandings or conflict between people with different cultural perspectives. But at other times, they can bring new insights and ideas to the table.

The Role of Cultural Perspective in Psychology

Culture’s Impact on the Human Mind

The cultural perspective in psychology helps us understand that the human mind isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Instead, it’s influenced by the unique blend of cultural factors that make up each individual’s background. By acknowledging and studying these factors, psychologists can develop a more comprehensive understanding of human behavior and mental processes.

Cultural Differences in Psychological Concepts

Psychological concepts, such as intelligence, emotion, and motivation, can have different meanings and significance across various cultures. Understanding these differences is essential in creating culturally sensitive psychological assessments and therapeutic interventions.

The Importance of Cultural Perspective in Research

Avoiding Bias and Misinterpretation

Cultural perspective plays a crucial role in psychological research. By being aware of cultural differences, researchers can avoid potential bias and misinterpretation of data. It’s like trying to compare apples to oranges – if we don’t account for cultural differences, we risk drawing incorrect conclusions from our findings.

Enhancing Psychological Knowledge

By studying different cultural perspectives, psychologists can enrich their knowledge of human behavior and cognition. They can identify universal psychological principles and culture-specific factors, ultimately leading to a more accurate and complete understanding of the human mind.

Examples of Cultural Perspective in Everyday Life

Humor Across Cultures

Laughter might be a universal language, but what makes people laugh can vary greatly across cultures. Jokes that are hilarious in one country might fall flat in another, simply because the cultural context and norms are different.

Personal Space and Boundaries

The concept of personal space and boundaries can differ significantly across cultures. In some societies, people prefer to maintain a considerable distance during conversations, while in others, close proximity is the norm. Failing to understand these cultural differences can lead to discomfort or even offense.

Problem-Solving Approaches

Different cultures may approach problem-solving in unique ways. For example, some cultures might prioritize cooperation and collaboration, while others may emphasize individual initiative and competition. Understanding these differences can help improve communication and collaboration in diverse settings.

Closing Thoughts on Cultural Perspective in Psychology

Cultural perspective is a critical aspect of understanding human behavior and mental processes. It serves as a reminder that there’s no single “right” way to see the world, and that diversity in thought and experience is something to be celebrated. By recognizing and appreciating the role of culture in shaping our perspectives, we can work together to build a more inclusive and harmonious world.


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