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About Threw the Looking Glass

I believe in learning through teaching.

And the world sure is chock-full of amazing stuff to learn!

We’re here to help you learn about everything that affects the human mind in the form of psychology, or jump over to the “Interesting” section and discover amazing weird facts about stuff you’ve probably never heard of. Like hobbies? We have a few of those too, including guides on how to solve ridiculously hard puzzles like the Monty Hall Problem or How to Predict the Future statistically (yes…it’s true!).

We also cover a lot of less well-known but super interesting stories from history.

Lastly, as I’m striving to become a better writer every day, there’s an extensive section on the art and craft of writing and blogging itself.

Whatever you find, I sincerely hope it’s helpful—and more importantly, amusing.

Welcome to Threw the Looking Glass, where we toss traditional education out the window.


J.J. Pryor

(P.S. I also run a big newsletter and have a bunch of people over at Medium.com)