• internet led strip

    Internet LEDs!

    Hey, it’s our one reader! In case you didn’t know, I have moved my articles to makerws.com and JJ Pryor focusing on Medium for now (he needs his beer money). This week on Maker WS, I show you what powers my cool internet LEDs. You can play with them here. The guide has a little bit of everything: dev boards,…

  • How to

    Refactor! Another Look at the Arduino OBS Recording Sign

    Usually, when I start a new project I have dreams of polished, well-documented code tested for every edge case. But with a deadline quickly approaching, I often fall into the old familiar three-step routine. Google. Ctrl-c. Ctrl-v. That was the case with my recording sign for OBS from my recent article. As I was putting that article together, I notice…

  • How to

    Fakey Fakey! An Arduino-Based DIY Makey Makey

    When I was introduced to Makey Makey at a workshop hosted by a friend of mine last year, I saw great potential to spice up my English lessons. Then I saw the price tag. After a little research, I found this great instructable about how to make your own Makey Makey using an Arduino Leonardo. Besides the cost of the…