The Largest Shopping Center in the World

Cartoon of Biggest Shopping Mall

Cartoon of Biggest Shopping Mall

The largest shopping center in the world is currently the Dubai Mall, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The massive complex’s size is 1,124,000 square meters (12,098,635 square feet), which is equivalent to more than 200 football fields. It first opened in November 2008 and has constantly been running since then. There are over 1,200 retail outlets inside and just in case you’re hungry, more than 160 restaurants! There’s also an aquarium, a full-size Olympic ice skating rink (in the desert!), and a movie theatre with 22 full screens.

Here’s what the Dubai Mall looks like from the outside:

The Dubai Mall

CC BY 2.0, Image by Guilhem Vellut from Annecy, France

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