• 3 Super Powers That Actually Exist in Real Life

    I spent one summer as a child becoming extremely good at pogoing — if there even is such a word. I had acquired a rusty old pogo stick from an era long since passed at a local garage sale.

    I carted the beast back home, greased it up, and proudly announced to my wary family that I would soon become an expert at it.

    The next two months saw me spending hours upon hours bouncing on the rickety device, hearing its constant squeak repeat almost methodically on its rusty springs.…

  • The Wars of the Future Will Be Fought Over Rain

    I’d be shocked if you haven’t heard of the term ‘fake news,’ but have you come across ‘fake rain’ before? It’s a surprisingly common occurrence.

    Most know about cloud seeding, the process of sprinkling clouds with small amounts of silver-iodide or salt to induce rainfall. But scientists in the UK, Finland, and the UAE are about to find out if we can fight back against Zeus.

    As in, can we electrocute clouds to induce rainfall, too?

    Using advanced drone technology, they’ll be running several tests in the next few months to find out.…

  • 3 Hugely Popular Harmful Movements That Are Based on Complete Lies

    Money isn’t everything. Unless you’re a high-paid executive in one of the countless unethical modern businesses, that is. Modern society simply values fame, power, and fortune over seemingly everything else these days.

    And it’s detrimental to our collective well-being.

    Here are three shocking instances that still heavily affect our world today — for the worse.

    1. The OG Anti-Vaxxer Faked a Huge Study for Money

    Andrew Wakefield is a former somewhat prominent British doctor who was later barred from practicing. He was the main author of a groundbreaking study in 1998 that concluded MMR vaccines cause autism.…

  • When a Joke is Worth More Than Saving the World: Dogecoin

    On May 8th, 2021, Dogecoin was worth $96 billion.

    I don’t know if you care about cryptocurrencies, but I am sure you’ve at least heard of them by now. Maybe you don’t give a flying fact, but here’s at least one reason why you should — $96 billion is more money than the estimated value of the vaccine.

    You know, pretty much the only cure to the crazy world-destroying pandemic running amok all around us.

    And here’s the kicker — Dogecoin was created as a joke.…

  • This is Why Money Doesn’t Actually Win Elections

    You may think it’s obvious that money influences elections. You’re definitely right, but perhaps for different reasons than you think.

    Ever since Citizens United was decided a little over a decade ago, the U.S. political landscape has drastically transformed. By far the biggest change is the sheer amount of money being pumped into each election cycle.

    Whether the election is at the federal level, the state level, or your grandma’s local bingo club, you can be sure there is a super Political Action Committee (super PAC) waiting behind the scenes to throw money at their preferred candidate.…

  • You Can Already Speak 200 Words in Chinese

    I’m a lazy bum when it comes to doing things consistently over the long term. I like to call it my own special version of Long-Term-ADHD, but really it’s just pointing to my weird enjoyment for pseudo-chaos in life.

    One of these long-term on-and-off-again yearnings of mine has been learning to read, speak, and listen to Mandarin Chinese. (Screw writing — that’s way too hard!)

    And I’m not bad at it, don’t get me wrong…at least for a white guy — I tell myself.…

  • This Popular Card Game Taught Me Why Modern Capitalism Is so Incredibly Screwed Up

    I’m sure you’ve played this card game before. Some call it President, others call it Scum, Janitor, or even my personal favorite, Asshole. It’s a simple game that many of us learn as children.

    You take a full deck of cards and distribute them evenly to 4 or more players. You then follow the rules to capture cards each round, with the ultimate goal of emptying your entire hand before anyone else.

    Rules of Engagement

    The crux of this game is the rankings.…

  • Shocking Origins of 5 Famous Nursery Rhymes

    We fondly remember nursery rhymes from our childhood. I’m sure you can even recall most of them by heart, or at least hum along when it pops up from time to time.

    But did you ever stop to wonder where these ancient rhapsodies came from? Turns out, a lot of them are a strange form of remembering famous events.

    Or more appropriately, infamous.

    Let’s dig into the stories behind 5 surprisingly dark nursery rhymes.

    5 Dark Nursery Rhyme Origins and Meanings1.…
  • The Principality of Sealand: The Incredibly Strange Story Behind the Micronation

    The application of international waters can be a tricky subject. For most countries, the general rule of thumb is a country’s water-boundaries extend 200 nautical miles in the seas.

    But what happens when countries are next-door neighbors? When their continental shelves extend way beyond the land? Or when a WWII relic was never torn down and sits in what used to be international waters but no longer is?

    Well, that’s the case of an amusing little micronation called The Principality of Sealand located just off the coast of England.…

  • How the Rich Avoid Taxes and Gaslight Us When They Donate Billions to Charity

    MacKenzie Scott has now donated 8 billion dollars of her personal wealth to charities. While that act is noble in itself, her estimated wealth increased $23 billion during the same period.

    Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife literally can’t give her money away fast enough.

    Because she shouldn’t have had that much money in the first place. Neither should her ex-husband have. And neither should the other 717 billionaires in America.

    719 people who collectively now own more than 4x the wealth of the bottom half of Americans.…