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Colorful piglets showing How to Use Permutation Prompt Command in Midjourney

How to Use Permutation Prompt Command in Midjourney (‘{}’)

Colorful piglets showing How to Use Permutation Prompt Command in Midjourney

When it comes to unlocking our creative potential, the only limitation is often our imagination. Yet even the most creative of minds can be bogged down by the mundane task of producing multiple versions of an idea manually.

Cue the introduction of Midjourney’s Permutation Prompt feature! Let’s explore a bit about how this command works and what it can do for you.

What Are Permutation Prompts in Midjourney?

This innovative function is designed to alleviate such burdens, allowing you to effortlessly generate a myriad of unique variations from your original idea.

As an example, let’s take an artist working on a series of cat illustrations in Midjourney. Instead of manually altering the prompts for each color variation, our artist can simply use the Permutation Prompt feature. With just one command, they can instruct Midjourney to generate prompts for black, white, and ginger cats.

And just like that, their creative process has been streamlined, leaving more time for what truly matters – creating art.

How To Set Up Permutation Prompts in Midjourney?

For the beginners, here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started with Permutation Prompts:

Step 1: Make sure you’re in the right mode – remember that Permutation Prompts are only available in Fast mode.

Step 2: Write your command using the ‘/imagine’ and the text.

Step 3: To set up a Permutation Prompt, place your options, separated by commas, within curly braces {}. Let’s say you’re trying to generate illustrations of various colored cats, your command might look like this:

/imagine a {black, white, ginger} fluffy fat cat

Screenshot showing the permutation function in Midjourney

This single command would then create three separate jobs:

  • /imagine prompt a black cat
  • /imagine prompt a white cat
  • /imagine prompt a ginger cat

Step 4: Confirm your command, and wait for the bot to process each permutation as an individual job.

If you didn’t use the permutation prompt command, you’d have to type each of these prompts separately and run them separately. So, while not a huge time saver, if you make a lot of images, especially ones with variety, this can certainly help.

How To Use Multiple and Nested Permutations?

Permutation prompts don’t stop at just one set of options. You can explore the potential of this feature even further by introducing multiple sets of options, or even nested options.

Here’s how:

For multiple sets of options, simply include more than one set of curly braces {} in your command. For example:

/imagine prompt a {black, white} cat in a {garden, house}

This command would then create four individual jobs:

  • /imagine prompt a black cat in a garden
  • /imagine prompt a black cat in a house
  • /imagine prompt a white cat in a garden
  • /imagine prompt a white cat in a house

For nested options, place another set of curly braces {} within an existing set. Here’s an example:

/imagine prompt a {black {cat, dog}, white {rabbit, hamster}}

This command will result in four separate jobs:

  • /imagine prompt a black cat
  • /imagine prompt a black dog
  • /imagine prompt a white rabbit
  • /imagine prompt a white hamster

How To Use Special Characters in Permutation Prompts?

Should you need to include a comma within the curly braces that does not act as a separator, use a backslash \ directly before it. For example, /imagine prompt a {ginger, black \, and white} cat would generate two jobs:

  • /imagine prompt a ginger cat
  • /imagine prompt a black, and white cat

Take a deep breath, as you’ve just navigated through the world of Permutation Prompts in Midjourney. We hope this guide fuels your creative process, helping you discover countless variations of your original ideas with ease and efficiency.

Happy creating!

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