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A computerized art gallery demonstrating What is the Midjourney Community Showcase and Gallery?

What is the Midjourney Community Showcase and Gallery?

A computerized art gallery demonstrating What is the Midjourney Community Showcase and Gallery?

Have you ever yearned for a vibrant playground of creativity where you can share, discover, and draw inspiration from a myriad of unique, user-generated art pieces? If so, let us introduce you to the incredible world of the Midjourney Community Showcase (Midjourney Gallery)!

Just as a chef masters the art of blending flavors to create an exquisite dish, the Midjourney community skillfully combines colors, forms, and ideas to produce breathtakingly beautiful images.

Take a step into this digital Louvre, where thousands of Midjourney users let their imaginations soar, giving birth to a daily cornucopia of spellbinding art. You’ll find an eclectic mix of striking images, each with its own story to tell.

What is the Midjourney Community Showcase?

The Midjourney Community Showcase is a bustling hub of creativity where members of the Midjourney community share and admire artistic works. It’s a melting pot of aesthetic marvels, where the creative genius of Midjourney users shines bright.

One of the key features of the Midjourney Gallery is that it hosts a captivating collection of the finest art pieces ever created within the community. In fact, for better or worse, every single image created in Midjourney is uploaded to this gallery where users can then like certain images and those float to the top for everyone to see.

The one exception is if you have Midjourney’s “stealth” (private) mode enabled, then those images will remain outside of the gallery.

What Can You Do in the Midjourney Gallery?

There’s a lot of nifty features to explore inside the Midjourney Show Case and fortunately, it’s pretty easy to navigate, too. Let’s take a look.

Search, Explore, and Get Inspired

The Gallery features a dynamic search tool that allows users to explore specific topics, unlocking a treasure trove of inspiration. Just type in your topic of interest, and voila, an array of corresponding images will be at your fingertips.

Each image, when clicked on, reveals the exact prompt and parameters the user used. This feature is a goldmine for anyone looking for fresh ideas for their own art. And if you really like it, you can press the little heart button to help rank up the image, too.

The Home Section

In the Home section, users can explore their own images. Literally, every single image you’ve ever made in Midjourney since you opened your account. You can view your complete “Archive” of images you’ve created, witness your growth as an artist, and revel in your own creativity.

This section also displays your favorite images, as well as your trending and top-ranked pieces.

In here you can see your “Archive” section of all the images you’ve made (we’ve created almost 7000 so far!).

An example of the archive section in Midjourney's home area

If you’ve favorited any images they’ll show up here too. Lastly, you can see which of your images are ‘hot’ (trending) and which have been ranked in the “top”.

Here’s our top images in case you’re curious:

Top images according to Midjourney ranking

The “Rank Pairs” Feature

The Rank Pairs function adds an interesting twi

st to the gallery, presenting users with two similar images and prompting them to choose their preferred one. This function not only helps in ranking images but also potentially influences the content of Midjourney’s monthly magazine.

There’s also another perk to the rank pairs function. You can earn free fast hours!

Midjourney gives 1 Fast Hour to the 1,000 top users who ranked the most images the previous day. Rumor on the internet is that takes about 50 ranked pairings, which probably would

take you 10 minutes or so.

Not too bad considering those Fast Hours cost $4 for each one outside of the ones included in the subscription plans.

In the vast, vibrant landscape of the Midjourney Community Showcase and Gallery, every day is an opportunity to dive into a sea of creativity, share your artistic vision, and draw inspiration from the masterpieces of others. Let your creative spirit soar and join the Midjourney Community today!

Frustrations and Future Improvements

The Midjourney Community Showcase and Gallery, though an exceptional platform for artists and art lovers alike, lacks a public rating system. That’s not to say you can’t like images and rate them, but for whatever reason, how liked an image is isn’t shown anywhere!

Obviously this can be a source of frustration for users.

But I have to mention one very frustrating point – the

re is no public rating system. Did my so-called top image there get 1000 likes? 1 like? 1,000,000? You’d think this easy-to-implement product feature would already exist, it would certainly increase community interaction I’m sure (and perhaps gaming of the system, on the bad side).

Anyway, hopefully the Midjourney team introduces something like that soon.

Hopefully, the Midjourney team will introduce a more interactive rating system soon to boost community engagement and interaction.

Can You Use Other People’s Images in the Midjourney Gallery?

While every eye-catching image you stumble upon can technically be used by paid users, it’s recommended, and simply more ‘cool’, to give credit to the creators of these artworks. Although the images aren’t under copyright, recognizing the artist’s creativity promotes a positive and respectful community environment. For more information, check this out: Are Midjourney Images Copyrighted?

And that’s it!

Hopefully you learned a thing or two about Midjourney’s Showcase or Gallery, depending on what you want to call it. Either way, it’s a great place to see all the amazing art out there, learn some awesome prompt tricks, and even earn free fast hours for your Midjourney account.

Happy prompting!

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