How to Fix Midjourney Errors

An angry cartoon about error messages in Midjourney

Angry person about error messages in Midjourney

“Errors are not in the art but in the artificers.” — Isaac Newton

If you’re here, you must be having problems with the amazing AI art generator software called Midjourney. I’ve pumped out over 3,000 images with the amazing tool in the past half year and am absolutely loving it. But if you’re familiar with the software, it still has a long way to go. I do have to hand it to them, though, with just a small team they’ve accomplished an astounding feat with Midjourney.

But this simple article is meant to be an ongoing list of any additional errors I find in Midjourney. While information is still somewhat scarce, I’ll try to post all of the answers I can find. If you know of a better way, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know.

Let’s look through all of the known Midjourney errors and how we can try to solve them.

Midjourney Errors and How to Fix Them

1. “/imagine” function isn’t working

Midjourney Imagine Command Not Working

This is a recent error for me in Midjourney. When I type in “/imagine” and press space once, the command no longer triggers anything. I was confused and tinkered around with the other functions like “/settings” and “/info” which still worked fine. I could even make variations of older images and have those trigger.

Anyway, the solution to the “/imagine” function not working is to simply press the spacebar twice after you type “/imagine”.

Type in "/imagine" + <spacebar> + <spacebar>

I’m still not sure if it’s due to Discord or Midjourney or my own dumbassery, but that’s the fix.

2. How to fix “The Application Did Not Respond Midjourney” Error

I’ve come across this error a few times since I began using Midjourney. When you type in a command to Midjourney, any command, Discord returns an error message saying “The application did not respond.” You’ll most often encounter it when you type in the “/imagine” command. Then again, those are probably 99% of the commands I give to Midjourney so it makes sense.

What causes “the application did not respond” error in Midjourney?

Midjourney the application did not respond
While Midjourney’s own available information can be a bit frustratingly lacking sometimes, there are usually some answers to be found out there. The main cause of “the application did not respond” is that the Midjourney servers are simply down.
There’s not much you can do if this happens besides wait. Maybe take some time to draw a real picture while you’re at it? I personally love drawing terrible stick figures and then later upload them into Midjourney to see what I can do with them.
There are a few other potential causes of the problem in Midjourney, but they are far less frequent.
  • The Midjourney bot might be down. If this is the case, the only thing you can do is wait.
  • The Discord software on your computer or phone could be out of date. If so, try to see if there’s a new version out there and install it.
  • The Discord server might be down. If so, you can check the status of Discord’s server here.
  • It might just be a glitch. Midjourney is still in its infancy and these things do tend to happen.
One last way to try to fix this, just to be certain, is to uninvite Midjourney and reinvite it back on Discord. The steps for this potential fix are easy enough:
  1. Open Discord on your computer or phone.
  2. Right-click on the Midjourney Bot and uninvite it or close the DM.
  3. Wait for 5-10 minutes. Maybe draw a stick figure.
  4. Reinvite and add the Midjourney Bot again to reset your chat.

3. How to fix “Job encountered an error, likely due to lack of memory” error

If you see this error, it likely means you’ve been inputting numbers that simply won’t work with Midjourney at this point. Instead, you can use the “–w” (width) and “–h” (height) functions, but keep them as a multiple of 64 with a maximum of 1024.

Here’s what those look like:

  • 64
  • 128
  • 192
  • 256
  • 320
  • 384
  • 448
  • 512
  • 576
  • 640
  • 704
  • 768
  • 832
  • 896
  • 960
  • 1024

Just as an FYI, Midjourney advises people to use “–ar” as it’s better supported.

4. How to fix “Invalid link. Could not validate this link. Please try again later” error

When people see this oddly phrased error message, it can be a bit frustrating. Trust me, I’ve seen it countless times. The simple answer to what’s causing it is usually an improper image upload. Sometimes, we find images on Google or what have you, and copy paste the link for an image to be used in Midjourney. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. And that can be frustrating when trying to create thousands of images.

The easy way around this error is to make sure you’re uploading a public URL with either a .png or .jpg at the end of the address. Trying to upload entire html pages, even if it contains the image you want, simply won’t work. Alternatively, you can always right-click an image online and click “Copy Image Address” or “Copy Image Link” and then paste that into Midjourney.

Last but not least, you can download pictures and then upload them into Midjourney on Discord using the “+” button. You then find the image on your computer you want to upload then press enter and wait.

Plus button on Discord for Midjourney

Once they’re uploaded, you can right-click on the image there and get its address by pressing “Copy Message Link”. Or, you can click on the image, then click “Open Original” and copy paste the link in the address bar it takes you to.

Note, the second method always works, but the first method is a bit tricky. I believe it works more on the phone version than on the computer.

Lastly, if you’re uploading images and using version 4 in Midjourney, denoted by turning on the MJ4 setting, you can only use two images at a time for now. Version 4 is still in beta and they’ve said more capabilities will come soon. But yea, for now you can’t use a single image for this function. Alternatively, you can switch it back to MJ 3 and it will work.

5. How to fix “Interaction Failed” error on Midjourney

Interestingly, when you see this error, the job might still complete itself, but it will skip the part where it slowly shows the images being constructed. If you’re trying to use the DM (direct messaging) function for the Midjourney bot, go into your security settings and ensure DMs are actually allowed.

The job will (probably) still go through, but it will not show the intermediate images.

If you get this with your DMs with the bot, make sure your security settings allow DMs.

6. How to fix “Server has reached limit of active threads” error

For now, if you see the “server has reached limit of active threads” error, there’s nothing you can do but sit and wait. The Discord server simply reached the maximum number of threads possible. Don’t worry though, if and when older threads are archived, you’ll be able to add new threads again.

As a fix, just work within the DM (direct messages) function with the Midjourney bot.

We reached the max number of threads we can create in the server.

It will be possible to add new threads when older threads will archive. In the meantime, feel free to work in DM.

7. What if you don’t have the /imagine option available within slashes?

If you’re trying to use Midjourney and you don’t see the “/imagine” function when you type “/” you might need to update the Discord app on your computer or phone. Once you’ve done that, try re-logging in and seeing if that works.

Another possibility is there is something wrong with your subscription or status. you can type in “/info” and press enter to see what your subscription status is with Midjourney, as well as all of your account’s other information.

8. How to fix “Cannot send messages to this user when trying to DM the bot” error

If you ever see this error pop-up, simply go to the privacy settings in Discord for the Midjourney server and make sure the “Allow direct messages from server members” is in the green checkmark on position.

J.J. Pryor

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3 thoughts on “How to Fix Midjourney Errors

  • Reply Paul Bernstein January 15, 2023 at 5:32 pm

    I do not understand instruction “Last but not least, you can download pictures and then upload them into Midjourney on Discord using the “+” button. You then find the image on your computer you want to upload then press enter and wait.” I am using Midjourney on Discord. I can upload jpg photo from my computer, copy address link or open image in new tab and copy URL, and pasting link after /Imagine. In both cases link is web page, not jpg. This works, but I can’t edit image–no U or V variation or other options. If I add any additional prompt after URL I get Invalid link message. How do I enter jpg URL into prompt so that I can add additional prompt after URL?

    • Reply JJ Pryor January 19, 2023 at 6:28 am

      Hi Paul, so I just tested it out again and have a few suggestions. 1. Are you on desktop? It might be easier to use the functions if so. 2. After you upload it, you can click the image in Discord, then right click the image when it pops up and select “copy image address”. Then go into discord, type /imagine and paste the address, it should paste an address starting with “”. Then you HAVE TO write something after it as a prompt, otherwise it will return an error. The new image generated then gives you the usual options of U1,V1 etc.

      Hope that helps.

  • Reply Orome January 24, 2023 at 5:00 pm

    /imagine does no longer work for me, but also all the rest of the bot commands do not work (i.e. /info ) i’ve checked the server settings and every thing seems alright (also it worked fine, 5 days ago)

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