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An AI robot showing what ChatGPT means

Big List of All Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools for Voice, Audio, and Music in 2023

An AI robot showing what ChatGPT means

Have you ever sat down at work and started pumping out some new audio and thought to yourself, man, I wish the AI from the Terminator could just help me do this instead? Well, fear not, because the future is here. Well, at least the part of that movie series that we want — AI that can help us do our work for us!

It saves us time, money, and perhaps a little bit of our soul, too.

From voice assistants that predict our needs with almost uncanny precision, to music generating algorithms that can compose symphonies rivaling those of the great maestros, to audio tools that can decipher sound patterns and anomalies undetectable by the human ear, the world of AI has stretched its boundaries. It has set foot into uncharted territories, challenging our very notions of creativity and comprehension.

Whether you are an AI professional seeking to enhance your arsenal of tools, an entrepreneur aiming to leverage AI for your business, a researcher striving to understand the state of the art, or merely an enthusiast intrigued by the blend of AI and sound, this compilation promises to be an enlightening guide.

So, fasten your virtual seatbelts, adjust your audio settings, and prepare to be immersed in this harmonious symphony of AI tools that are shaping the narrative of voice, audio, and music in our technologically advanced world.

List of AI Tools to Use for Audio, Music, and Voice Changing

Name Title Description Offer Free Version
voice.ai Free Real Time Voice Changer Unleash the power of your voice with Voice Universe, the ultimate UGC voice library! Dive into a treasure trove of thousands of distinct voices, giving you endless options to express yourself. Yes
Lingostar AI-Powered Language Learning Conversations Learn English, Spanish, or French with Lingostar, your AI language tutor. Improve pronunciation, vocabulary, and comprehension with real spoken conversations. Yes
Adobe Podcast AI Audio Recording and Web Editing A storytelling tool for the audio enthusiasts. Unclear
Assemblyai Premier AI Model API Platform Turn audio/video files and live streams into text effortlessly with AssemblyAI’s Speech-to-Text APIs. Unleash the power of Audio Intelligence – summarization, content moderation, topic detection. Unclear
Cleanvoice AI AI Audio Cleaner Remove filler sounds, stuttering, and mouth noises from your audio recordings with our AI, Cleanvoice. Unclear
Clip audio AI Audio Search Engine The search engine for your audio needs. Unclear
Emergent Drums AI Drum Sample Generator Create endless, unique, royalty-free drum samples with our innovative plugin. No
Krisp Top Noise Cancelling App Experience peace during your calls with Krisp’s AI that eliminates background noises and echo. Yes
LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner High-Quality Audio and Video Splitter Extract vocals, accompaniment, and various instruments from any audio and video with our AI-powered technology. Unclear
Musico Generative Music via AI Generate music with Musico, an AI software engine that responds to gestures, movements, code, or other sound. Unclear
Quasi Music Beat Creation Platform Unleash your musical genius with Quasi’s AI-powered tool. Create unique sounds and remix classic artists effortlessly. Yes
Riffusion Real-Time Music Generation Experience stable diffusion for real-time music generation with Riffusion. Yes
Soundraw AI-Generated Royalty-Free Music Don’t search for music, create it. AI-generated, royalty-free music just for you. Yes
Descript Video Editing Simplified An all-in-one tool for easy video editing. Write, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate, and share your videos and podcasts with Descript. Unclear
Voicemaker Text to Speech Converter Convert text to speech with Voicemaker. Unclear
Voicemod Real-Time Voice Changer & Modulator Build your sonic identity in the metaverse with our real-time AI Voice Changer. Perfect for platforms like Roblox, OBS, VRChat, Discord, and more. Yes
Voicera Voice for Your Blogs and Articles Give voice to your articles and blogs with Voicera. Unclear
Uberduck Text-to-Speech, Voice Automation, Synthetic Media Generate voice from text with Uberduck. Unclear
Replica Synthesized Voice AI & Text-to-Speech Get 30 minutes of free voice credit today with Replica. Yes
NaturalReader AI Voices AI voices by NaturalReader. Unclear
Fireflies AI Notetaker & Conversation Intelligence Record, transcribe, search, and analyze voice conversations with Fireflies.ai. Unclear
Designs AI AI for Logos, Videos, Banners, Voiceovers Create logos, videos, social media banners, business cards, flyers, mockups and more online in 2 minutes

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