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Each Generation of People

What Year Was Each Generation Born in?

Each Generation of People

Whether it’s in a trivia game, for an essay, or even just to satisfy your curiosity, the topic of which generation different people were born in is a common question. As for me, I’m part of the Me Me Me Generation, otherwise known as millennials. But enough talking about myself, I can always do that the other 99% of my time.

Here’s a big list of all the different generations as they’re usually classified.

  • Lost Generation is anyone between 1883 to 1900
  • Greatest Generation is anyone between 1901 to 1927
  • Silent Generation is anyone between 1928 to 1945
  • Baby boomers is anyone between 1946 to 1964
  • Generation X is anyone between 1965 to 1980
  • Millennials is anyone born between 1981 to 1996
  • Generation Z is anyone born between 1997 to 2012
  • Generation Alpha is anyone born between 2013 to 2024

According to the Pew Research Center, generations are usually defined by groups of people that were born in the same 15 to 20 years. Since grouping people together often makes statistical analysis (and even daily conversation) far easier, researchers often try to gather generations by similar factors. These include attitudes, major events, pop culture, and consensus among various groups doing the identifying.

More importantly, it’s not an exact science. “The lines that define the generations are useful tools for analysis, but they should be thought of as guidelines, rather than hard-and-fast distinctions.”

It’s also an interesting phenomenon to those who are prone to think we have far more in common than we actually do. Think of horoscopes or so-called psychics. They’ll often list events and descriptions that can be applied to virtually everybody. Yet, many people find motivation in reading this type of information. It’s somewhat similar for generations.

From Gen X to millennials and Gen Z and Gen Alpha, it’s almost a certainty that every group will blame others for the problems of modern society. Fun stuff, right?

What years are the Lost Generation?

KT describes the Lost Generation as being anyone who was born between 1883 and 1900. They’re often referred to as the generation that served in WWI.

What years are the Greatest Generation?

Time described the Greatest Generation as a person being born between 1901 and 1927. This group dealt with the stock market crash, grew up during WWI, and many served in WWII.

What years are the Silent Generation?

The Silent Generation is also sometimes referred to as the Traditionalist Generation. Time described the Silent Generation as anyone born between the years of 1928 to 1945.

What years are the Baby boomers?

The Sydney Post described Baby Boomers as being born between 1946 and 1965.

What years are Generation X?

A group called Beresford Research defines Generation X as anyone who was born between the years 1965 and 1980.

What years are the Millennials?

The Economist describes Millennials as being born between 1981 and 1996.

What years are Generation Z?

According to Webster’s, members of Generation Z are also referred to as Zoomers, sometimes in a derogatory manner. Members of Generation Z are born between 1997 and 2012.

What years are Generation Alpha?

The latest generation, according to ABC News, Generation Alpha is anyone who is born from 2010 to 2024.

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