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A man listening to Audible Plus on headphones

What is Audible Plus? A Complete Review and FAQ

A man listening to Audible Plus on headphones

Audible Plus is a newish subscription plan offered by Audible that has revolutionized the traditional “one free audiobook per month” model.

As a member of Audible, you now have access to thousands of audiobooks that are included at no extra cost in your membership. No longer do you have to use your monthly credit on just one book!

But what exactly is Audible Plus? With all the different Audible plans available, it can be a bit confusing to understand. This article covers what Audible Plus is, what the Audible Plus catalog includes, and most importantly, if it’s worth it and how you can use it.

Keep reading to get all the information you need on Audible Plus!

What is Audible Plus and is it worth it?

Audible Plus is a subscription service offered by Audible, an Amazon company. With over 11,000 titles and 68,000 hours of content, it’s a great way to discover new genres, writers, and narrators without the commitment and cost of purchasing each book individually.

With Audible Plus, you can listen to as many titles as you want, whenever you want, without any additional costs. That’s not a bad deal when it comes to pricey audiobooks!

This service is perfect for book lovers who are always on the go, or for those who prefer to listen to their books instead of reading them. It’s also a great option for people who have difficulty reading due to a visual impairment or learning disability.

Unlike other Audible plans, you don’t need to use credits to access the books in the Audible Plus catalog, you can simply pick a book and start listening whenever you want.

The Audible Plus catalog is constantly changing, with new titles added every week or so. You’ll find a wide variety of genres including romance, comedy, documentaries, kids books, podcasts, and more, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

With unlimited access to the audiobooks in the Plus catalog, you can listen to as many books as you want while you’re subscribed. One important thing to note, you don’t actually own the books you download and won’t be able to access them if you leave the program. This isn’t the case for books purchased with credits though, which is why some people prefer the Audible Premium Plus plan which comes with 1 free credit a month.

How Does Audible Plus Work?

Using Audible Plus is easy! Simply browse the Audible Plus catalog, find a book you’re interested in, and start listening. One way to identify which books are included with Audible Plus for free is by looking for the orange tag that says “included” when browsing on Audible or searching for specific books.

Another way to access Audible Plus catalog titles only is to check out the newly included titles or toggle the “Included in your membership” filter in the Audible app search bar or set the results to filter by “Plus Catalog” on the Audible website to receive Plus-eligible results only.

Does Audible Plus have a free trial?

Yes! It’s one month absolutely free and it’s also available for the Audible Premium Plus programs too. Click here for more information.

How Many Audiobooks are on Audible?

When it was first released in 2020, Amazon said Audible Plus had over 11,000 books you can listen to included in the plan. Note that every few weeks or so, Amazon changes what’s included in the list, so you’ll always have fresh content in the forms of audiobooks, podcasts, and even documentaries to listen to.

In total, Audible has over 200,000 audiobooks to check out. And if any aren’t available in the Audible Plus to listen to for free, you can simply purchase the book with a nice 30% off of premium selection choices. Lastly, Audible Plus members get access to exclusive periodic sales which are great for the popular book du jour.

What Does the Audible Plus Catalog Include?

Audible Plus offers a wide range of audiobooks, original content, documentaries, sleep programs, and select magazines and newspapers that you can listen to as many times as you want without any additional costs.

The Audible Plus catalog includes over 11,000 titles and more are added every week or so. This includes Audible originals, which are audiobooks, podcasts, and other exclusive series you can only find there.

If you’re curious, just browse some of the newly-added titles in the Audible Plus catalog to get an idea of what’s available.

Keep in mind many of these books may not be the most popular best-sellers on the market. However, this is a great plan if you want to discover and try new things, the Plus Catalog has quite a few exciting new reads and plenty of classics too.

Amazon Audible Plus vs Premium Plus

Here’s a quick comparison between Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus plans, which both launched in 2020.

Audible Plus costs $7.95 a month and you have unlimited access to listen to any audiobook in the library. There’s also a 1-month free trial for those curious about the program. You don’t get to keep any of the Audible Plus books unless you purchase them with credits.

Audible Premium Plus costs almost double, at $14.95 a month. First, you get the same access to over 11,000 titles as you do with Audible Plus. Secondly, with Premium Plus you get 1 free credit a month to purchase an audiobook of your choice. This one you get to keep in your Audible library and listen to it whenever you’d like.

How Much Does Audible Cost?

Here’s a breakdown of how much the different Amazon Audible plans cost alongside different credits.

  • Audible Plus: For the 1st month take the free trial, then it’s $7.95 a month and you can cancel anytime.
  • Audible Premium Plus: This also has a 1-month free trial, then it’s $14.95 per month. This includes the entire Audible Plus catalog and 1 extra credit to purchase any premium selection title. You also get to keep any audiobooks purchased with credits in the Audible library.
  • Audible Premium Plus Annual: This is an annual discounted version of the monthly Audible Premium Plus plan that costs $149.50 per year. Normally, it’s $14.95 a month and you can cancel anytime, but if you commit to a 1-year contract, you can save $29.90 (12 x $14.95 = $179.90) and get all 12 credits at once. Don’t forget to do a 1-month free trial before opting for this plan!

Common Questions About Amazon Audible Plus

How many books do you get a month with Audible?

You get free access to over 11,000 titles on Audible Plus, with many more being added every month. You can listen to them as much as you want as long as you’re still actively subscribed.

Can you download Audible Plus books and keep them?

You can download Audible Plus books to your phone or device and listen to them as long as you want — if you’re still subscribed. So, you can’t keep them in the sense of leaving the program, but as long as you’re active it’s like you own them. Think of it like Netflix, you can download and watch videos anytime you want, but if you leave the service, your access is cut off.

However, if you’re on the Premium Plus plan, you can keep any audiobooks you’ve purchased with credits forever.

Is Audible Plus free?

Nope, Audible Plus isn’t free, but, there is a 1-month free trial! Both the Plus program and the Premium Plus program have a 1-month free trial, so I’d highly recommend trying the trial first to see if you’ll actually use the service and whether or not you like it.

Are Plus audiobooks free with Audible subscription?

With the Audible Plus and Premium Plus subscriptions, you get complete access to the entire catalog available on Audible Plus (over 11,000 titles). This is in addition to the 1 credit you get every month to buy an audiobook from the over 200,000 titles available.

For those wondering, Audible Premium Plus used to be called Audible Gold and Platinum, the program changed in 2020.

Is Audible Plus unlimited?

Yes, Audible Plus comes with unlimited access to over 11,000 titles in Audible’s library. If you can’t find an audiobook you want to listen to, many of the titles come with a 30% discount with this program, too.

Did Audible Escape audiobooks move to Audible Plus?

Audible Plus is a different subscription plan from Audible Escape, so while some books did move over, most are just available to be purchased in the library.

Where can I find only Audible Plus titles?

Under the old program — Audible Escape — the titles you could listen to came with a special icon beside them. Those are gone.

Instead, all free Audible audiobooks included in the monthly unlimited plan will have a button that says “Play” or “Add to library.” If you want to browse around and find available books, look for an orange tag that says “included.” If you see that tag, you know it’s free to download and listen to.

All of the other Audible Plus audiobooks will have an icon saying “1 credit” or another price, those titles aren’t currently included in the free library — but they might be in the future!

If you’re hungry for new content, head over here to find out what’s new on Audible Plus whenever you’re curious.

Can you share Audible Plus with your family?

Audible Plus isn’t included with Amazon Prime benefits, so it’s not currently sharable with the Amazon Household Program. But, if you subscribe to the Premium Plus Plan, those audiobooks you purchased with credits are essentially permanent and you can share those audiobooks all you want!

What are the best Audible Plus books to start with?

Audible does an amazing job in collecting and curating what they think listeners want to hear the most. So, here’s a great start if you’re looking for a categorized list of the best audiobooks to listen to.

On the other hand, they also maintain a constantly updated list of the best-selling audiobooks of all time, plus there’s some filters to change what you want to search for.

Or, you can always trust the experts over at Reader’s Digest to help with audiobook curation, here they made a list of the best 34 audiobooks to listen to in 2023.

In any case, Audible Plus is a great, low-priced subscription program that lets you listen to over a lifetime worth of books (11,000+). In case you’re more of the reading type though, you might want to check out the ultimate list of banned books you should probably read.

Happy listening!

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