• How to Predict the Future: A Scientifically Proven Method

    I was fascinated with Nostradamus as a child. The idea that a person could see and predict the future was nothing short of amazing to my young mind.

    I read as many short novellas on the subject as I could get my little hands on. And I ate them up as fast as I could devour my sacks of Halloween loot every year.

    No one really noticed my obsession. I read books voraciously at that age, and these were just a few of many.…

  • The Monty Hall Problem Easy Explanation

    “Logic is in the eye of the logician.” — Gloria Steinem

    Oh boy, do we ever like proving ourselves to be right. After all, it’s what fuels social media and our ever-rising disdain for each other. But it’s not just politics and cultural issues that drive us to rage against the human machine, even simple non-consequential hypotheticals can do it, too.

    Case in point:

    The advice columnist Ann Landers once received over 15,000 letters after jestingly stating which side toilet paper should hang on (it’s over, by the way).…