• How Many Kindle Books Do Bestsellers Actually Sell?

    How many books could a Kindle book book, if a Kindle book could book books?

    A year or so ago, I sat down with an amazing artist to outline my first book.

    It was a great experience and was definitely worth taking time off my day job to complete it. But holy hell did I ever jump into a world of frustration and potential rabbit holes.

    And if you follow my writing at all, you know both of those things are in reality a huge plus in my book.…

  • Bookshop.org: Look Out Amazon, There’s a Newer (Ethical) Book Seller in Town

    Have you heard of Bookshop.org? I hadn’t until recently. But I’m glad I did. Bookshop aims to be an ethical alternative to Amazon, and so far, the company is knocking it out of the park.

    In case you live under a rock and haven’t heard of the litany of ethical problems at Amazon, there’s plenty of anger out there aimed at the company. From labor issues to putting local businesses out of house and home–there’s a social cost to the mega-success of industry disruptors.…