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Bamboo products on a table

40 Amazing Ways Bamboo is Used Today

Bamboo products on a table

During my last visit home to Canada about a year ago, I noticed a new interesting trend at the time. There were a series of boutique shops that only sold eco-friendly bamboo clothing.

“Bamboo clothes? What?”

I thought surely this first store was a one-off thing. But then I searched Google Maps and saw several other similar stores around the region.

I had never heard of bamboo being made into clothes, nor did I ever have a notion that it was even possible.

And, spending many years living in Taiwan, a land full of these amazing trees, I was instantly curious.

What is bamboo used for?

It turns out, bamboo is used for a hell of a lot of things. And it seems like more and more uses are being discovered every day.

Months later after returning to Asia, a friend randomly posted this video in a group chat:

If you have 16 minutes to spare today, you might want to check that out — it’s pretty cool.

And more so, it got me interested again in the subject, and it’s been something I’ve been meaning to dive into for the past half-year.

So here we are — a list of all the current interesting and unexpected products bamboo is used for today!

40 Different types of bamboo products

I wanted to know (and share) many of the most popular uses for bamboo today. I always enjoy learning about new things, especially when they are environmentally friendly — and just plain cool.

So please enjoy this interesting list of 42 different bamboo products that are sold around the world today!

Bamboo gardens:

A beautiful bamboo garden
Source: Pinterest

One of the most popular uses of bamboo is for decorating your own backyard! There are plenty of great examples on Google — but the important part is using the fast-growing tree creatively.

Bamboo flooring:

An example of bamboo flooring in a Western house.
Source: Pinterest

Bamboo is an old material used for flooring in many parts of Asia. Recently, there has been a growing trend of using this amazing type of wood in parts of the West though.

Would you try it?

Bamboo pillows:

Bamboo pillows are becoming quite popular in Canada and the US lately. My mom even recently asked me about it as she knew I was interested in the subject. Apparently many of her neighbors swear by the comfort and eco-nature of these kinds of pillows.

I definitely will be getting one of my own soon.

Bamboo plants for inside the house:

Source: Pinterest

Even though bamboo is an extremely fast-growing type of tree, certain varieties are suitable for use as house plants. Not only are they easy to maintain, but you can use them to add a unique look and feel to your home.

Bamboo sheets:

Although they can be a bit pricey because of the eco-friendly nature of this type of cloth production, bamboo sheets are starting to become commonplace in North America.

They’re known for their lightness and ultra comfortable feeling. Many brands have positioned bamboo sheets as a luxury item — as they should!

Lucky bamboo:

A lucky bamboo plant inside a home.
Source: Pinterest

The famous lucky bamboo! I used to have a small plant in my office for a few years until it was unfortunately misplaced while I was on vacation. I still suspect a co-worker of sabotage, but who knows!

These are not only a nice decoration for your desk at the home or office, but they are supposed to bring the owner good luck, too!

Bamboo fencing:

An example of bamboo fencing
Source: Pinterest

While bamboo has been used as a building material for centuries if not millennia, it is just recently starting to be used more and more around the world.

There are a huge variety of types of bamboo trees — and just as many types of fences and aesthetics.

Bamboo houses:

An amazing example of a bamboo house architecture
Source: Pinterest

Bamboo houses exist all over the world nowadays, but they are especially popular in Asia. I’ve visited some incredibly amazing houses built out of bamboo in Bali recently, and I fell in love with this style of architecture.

They get even more interesting and beautiful when famous designers and architects start playing with the material.

Bamboo blinds, curtains, and shades:

Source: Pinterest

Another example of an indoor use for bamboo, manufacturers, and designers are now creating many different types of Roman blinds, shades, and curtains made completely out of bamboo.

There are many different styles and not all might be palatable to your tastes, but I’m sure there is at least one type that would be.

If you’re looking for a classy set of bamboo blinds to add to your house, check out the top-selling brand on Amazon.

Bamboo toilet paper and paper towels:

A bamboo toilet paper company called ‘Who gives a crap’
Source: Pinterest

Now that bamboo is becoming easier to process with advances in technology, all sorts of uses are coming up for it. If you can make it out of wood, you can make it with bamboo.

I especially like finding more creative ways of using it (and especially the above branding of Who Gives a Crap). Kudos to them!

There are more than a few varieties of bamboo toilet paper available too. Eco-friendly and comfortable, not bad!

Bamboo toothbrushes:

An example of a bamboo toothbrush that uses charcoal brushes
Source: Pinterest

Alongside the eco-friendly theme of bamboo products, clever entrepreneurs out there are creating more and more environmentally friendly goods.

Here’s an example of bamboo toothbrushes that use charcoal brushes — a new trend in dentistry. I use one myself and can attest to its function and feel.

Bamboo earrings:

An example of bamboo hoop earrings
Source: Pinterest

Another unique use of bamboo, designers have started creating jewelry with the versatile material. While I don’t wear earrings myself, I’m sure some people would love to wear these around.

There’s also plenty of different styles out there other than the one pictured above, go have a look!

Bamboo charcoal:

An example of charcoal made from bamboo
Source: Pinterest

One of the newer trends to pop up is the use of charcoal made out of bamboo. Some people even claim it has medicinal properties, but I haven’t looked into that aspect myself (yet).

I’m more of a fan of the quick-growing renewable nature of bamboo itself, which lends itself perfectly to combustible uses like charcoal.

Bamboo mattress:

A lovely and comfortable bamboo mattress
Source: Pinterest

Even entire mattresses are made out of bamboo these days! Known for their comfort, anti-sweating properties, and sustainability, they are becoming more and more popular every day.

They also make more affordable soft and comfortable mattress covers out of bamboo too.

Bamboo chairs and furniture:

Examples of beautiful bamboo furniture
Source: Pinterest

Speaking of bamboo furniture, there are a lot of designers out there constantly creating new and interesting practical works of art these days.

A quick search on Etsy or Amazon will show you a lot of very interesting pieces you can get for your own home or office.

Bamboo straws:

A brand of bamboo straws called TOMS
Source: Pinterest

A couple of years ago, the fast-food industry took a lot of heat for their wastefulness in regard to disposable plastics. For some reason, the outrage mostly focused on plastic straws (even though they use plastics in many of their containers).

One of the common solutions proposed? Bamboo straws.

Bamboo cutting boards:

Source: Pinterest

Bamboo is also a perfect material for kitchen products, like bamboo cutting boards. The interesting texture and eco-friendly nature of its sourcing lends itself to being a perfect addition to your cooking toolkit.

Bamboo shoes:

Example of shoes partially made with bamboo to be eco-friendly
Source: Pinterest

While not usually 100% made of bamboo, many environmentally friendly manufacturers are starting to incorporate bamboo material into their shoes. Many of them will make the cloth from entirely bamboo, with other types of materials used for the soles.

Bamboo socks:

Examples of eco-friendly socks made from bamboo
Source: Pinterest

One of the products that started me down this long and interesting rabbit hole of bamboo products — bamboo socks! I’m still surprised that they can fashion fiber from the tree, especially ecologically sound. That’s great news for clothing manufacturers and the environment in the long run.

Bamboo underwear:

Red underwear made from bamboo
Source: Pinterest

Don’t mind the glaringly bright red nature of the above photo — there are hundreds of alternative colors, styles, and manufacturers of bamboo underwear these days. The material is often referred to as being very comfortable and soft when compared to other kinds.

Bamboo flutes and musical instruments:

Musical flutes made entirely from bamboo
Source: Pinterest

People have been making instruments out of bamboo for years and years — and for a reason. Many types of bamboo are naturally hollow and thus make it a lot easier to widdle flutes from scratch.

Bamboo plates:

An elaborate plate and spoon made out of bamboo
Source: Pinterest

One more interesting item you could add to your kitchen repertoire — bamboo plates. They come in many styles and fashions, but they all will definitely add an air of uniqueness to your kitchen.

Bamboo wind chimes:

Source: Pinterest

A nice addition of a bamboo wind chime hanging outside your front porch is a great conversation starter and looks amazing at the same time!

Bamboo rugs and bath mats:

Source: Pinterest

Here is another product that’s starting to become more popular. Rugs, mats, and bath mats made from bamboo are being purchased more frequently because of their ultra-soft nature and sustainability.

Bamboo longboards and skateboards:

A cool style of a skateboard longboard made out of bamboo
Source: Pinterest

“He’s just a skater bambooy.” There are a lot of very cool skateboards, longboards, and even surfboards being made out of bamboo these days. It’s definitely worth a search if you’re into these sports!

Bamboo mirrors:

A beautiful mirror with a frame made out of bamboo
Source: Pinterest

No, the mirror itself is not made of bamboo. That technology hasn’t been invented yet (but really, what can’t bamboo do?). In this case, you can find beautiful mirror frames completely made out of bamboo. The varieties will often be treated or painted according to tastes.

Bamboo pens:

A beautifully crafted bamboo pen and case
Source: Pinterest

One of the cooler products on the list (as a former office brat) are bamboo pens and pen cases. The picture above is a pretty classy combo in my books — even cooler than the fancy metal one I have now.

Bamboo skewers:

Source: Pinterest

Cheap, renewable, and useful — bamboo skewers for barbecues and shishkabobs can be purchased at most supermarkets in North America these days.

Bamboo wallpaper:

An example of a woven wallpaper made out of bamboo
Source: Brewsterwallcovering.com

This one is a bit odd. I was sure I could find wallpaper made from bamboo products, but it didn’t seem to be too common. Instead, there are products that are either made of woven bamboo to cover walls or use a combination of traditional wallpaper with hard bamboo backing.

Bamboo steamer basket:

A clean example of a dumpling bamboo steamer made out of bamboo
Source: Pinterest

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating authentic Asian dumplings, you’ll notice a lot of them are served in bamboo steamer baskets. A great addition for your kitchen if you’re planning on expanding your cooking horizons.

Bamboo beds:

A gorgeous bed and canopy made completely out of bamboo
Source: Pinterest

Bamboo beds are one of the more pricey products on this list (depending on how high quality you’re willing to go). But they are a very eco-friendly alternative to some other types of wooden bed frames. And they can be gorgeous as well.

Bamboo pajamas:

A set of women’s eco-friendly yet comfortable clothes made from bamboo
Source: Pinterest

Soft, stylish, and comfortable — I wouldn’t mind getting a pair of bamboo pajamas myself (although not the women’s ones pictured above — probably).

Bamboo towels:

Comfortable and stylish bath towels made out of bamboo
Source: Pinterest

Just like many of the other clothes made out of bamboo on this list, bamboo towels are no different. Soft, warm, and a pleasure to use. I’ll be on the lookout to try one as a beach towel when I can go again.

Bamboo brushes:

Source: Pinterest

Another environmentally stable addition to your home, you can now get hairbrushes and combs made entirely out of bamboo and bamboo fibre. An interesting way to style your hair!

Bamboo countertops:

A sleek and gorgeous bamboo kitchen countertop
Source: Pinterest

Why stop at just a bamboo cutting board when you can deck out your entire kitchen in a hard bamboo surface? Not only is it eco-friendly, but it can be pretty stylish too.

Bamboo desks:

A unique and beautiful bamboo desk
Source: Pinterest

I’m almost in love with the bamboo desk pictured above. Or perhaps the combination of the scenery and the natural wood has won me over. Either way, I know what I’ll be looking for next time I have to buy a desk.

Bamboo diapers:

Source: Pinterest

Yes, even babies can get in on the eco-friendly trend of bamboo products. I especially like the branding of the one pictured here. Cute.

Bamboo fly rods:

Beautifully handcrafted bamboo flyrods
Source: Pinterest

While I’ve never been much of a fisherman in my adult years, I do look back on fond memories of going fishing as a child. It never occurred to me that some people were using fishing rods made mostly out of bamboo. Definitely a neat idea, especially when you find custom hand made ones like the one pictured here.

Bamboo placemats:

Source: Pinterest

Instead of using plastic or cloth placemats for your next backyard barbecue, why not consider bamboo mats? They’re both easy to clean and easy to roll up for storage at the same time.

Bamboo sandals:

Source: Pinterest

These days you can find more than just bamboo shoes. Several manufacturers have expanded to producing a wide variety of bamboo sandals as well. These aren’t often 100% bamboo though, so keep an eye on the product materials when you’re looking for these.


I plan on researching more about how bamboo is used today. I want to explore the sources, industry, and environmental sustainability of bamboo today and in the future.

I’m sure there are hundreds of more products and uses for the amazing material as well — so I will definitely be updating this page later on.

There are also many natural bamboo forests and local craftspeople making products from this amazing material where I’m living these days in Taiwan.

I’ll be sure to explore and check them out too.

Thanks for reading!

J.J. Pryor

***This article contains some affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission at no cost to you if you buy something.

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