• Essay Introduction Paragraph: How to Write Powerful Essay Openings That Get Results

    Writing essays can be hard. Writing an essay introduction is even harder, but perhaps not for the reasons you think. I want you to imagine you’ve been assigned to read and grade 30 essays next week. You sit down, grab the first paper off the stack, and start to peruse.

    Oops, you’re already bored. Good thing you only have 30,000 more words to read, right?!

    But what if that first paper you pulled wasn’t boring? What would make it instantly stand out?…

  • Hook Writing: 20 Great Hook Examples and Strategies to Write an Awesome Hook Essay


    Do you ever wish readers were more hooked on your phonics? I did. So I researched, practiced, and found a whole bunch of new ways to write a great hook for essays.

    And guess what?

    It works for me!

    Well, most of the time anyway. Other times, not so much. Those are usually the occasions I free-write and don’t follow any proven tactics. And, as expected, those are the time the articles usually flop because they had no proper hook in writing.…