• The Surprising Way How McDonald’s Makes Most of Their Money

    When I first started studying business, I absolutely loved reading interesting case studies. One of the first assignments that came across my lap was a deep study into the massive success of McDonald’s — and how it built its empire.

    Back then, the marketing mantra of the fast-food success story wasn’t that they sold the tastiest burgers (that‘s always clearly been Wendy’s).

    It also wasn’t how they industrialized the restaurant industry with efficient fast food.

    It wasn’t even about how they put extra salt and “natural beef flavor” into their fries to encourage the addictiveness of it.…

  • How to Win an Investment Pitch: Kevin O’Leary’s Top 3 Recommendations

    “I’ve probably heard more than 10,000 pitches … and truth be told, most of them sucked.” — Kevin O’Leary

    The well-known business magnate Kevin O’Leary has certainly been around the startup block a few times.

    His first successful company — an educational software producer called Softkey — was sold to Mattel at the height of the 90’s bubble for $4.2 billion.

    Later on, his career took him into many different ventures, even owning a hedge fund and an early-stage venture capital company.…

  • How the Rich Avoid Taxes and Gaslight Us When They Donate Billions to Charity

    MacKenzie Scott has now donated 8 billion dollars of her personal wealth to charities. While that act is noble in itself, her estimated wealth increased $23 billion during the same period.

    Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife literally can’t give her money away fast enough.

    Because she shouldn’t have had that much money in the first place. Neither should her ex-husband have. And neither should the other 717 billionaires in America.

    719 people who collectively now own more than 4x the wealth of the bottom half of Americans.…

  • How Many Kindle Books Do Bestsellers Actually Sell?

    How many books could a Kindle book book, if a Kindle book could book books?

    A year or so ago, I sat down with an amazing artist to outline my first book.

    It was a great experience and was definitely worth taking time off my day job to complete it. But holy hell did I ever jump into a world of frustration and potential rabbit holes.

    And if you follow my writing at all, you know both of those things are in reality a huge plus in my book.…