• What is Self-Serving Bias? Examples, Definition, and Experiments

    Self-serving bias is where people have a strong tendency to feel positive events in their life were the result of their own hard work, whereas negative events were caused by something out of their control.

    I’ll make you a bet.

    I bet you feel:

    You’re better at your job than most co-workers You’re a nicer person than the general public You’re probably more intelligent than a lot of your friends You’re at least more attractive than average That you can even drive better than most, too


    And if you don’t agree—what, do you think you’re more honest than most people too?…

  • Who is the Least Biased News Source? Simplifying the News Bias Chart

    Here’s a shorter updated version of which fake news sites you should avoid.

    “I challenge anybody to show me an example of bias in Fox News Channel.”

    Challenge accepted.

    Rupert Murdoch, the founder and current chairman of Fox Corp (owner of Fox News) first said the above quote in an article on the Salon website in 2001.

    And even though it’s from almost 20 years ago, I can’t think of a more telling quote about the current environment of news in America.…