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Adjectives by Letter

Massive List of 1250+ Adjectives Sorted by Letter

Adjectives by Letter

Adjectives are a vital part of everyday life! They give us the power to express our thoughts, feelings, and opinions in a way that is both meaningful and engaging. Whether you’re writing your next great novel or simply talking with a friend, adjectives are a great way to add color and life to your words. Without them, our language would be bland, boring, and unimaginative.

What is an adjective?

Adjectives are words that describe or modify another person or thing in the sentence. They’re used to give more information about the nouns and pronouns in the sentence. For example, if you say “The big dog barked”, the adjective “big” is used to describe the dog. It can also be used to describe the size of an object, the color of an object or even the emotions of a person.

Adjectives make writing and speaking more interesting and can help to paint a vivid picture in the reader or listener’s mind. They can be used to show the reader the intensity of an emotion or the amount of something. For example, instead of saying “He was angry”, you could say “He was furious”. This gives the reader a clearer image of the emotion being portrayed.

Adjectives can also be used to bring out the personality of characters in a story or to create a particular atmosphere. For example, a story about a haunted house could use adjectives such as “eerie”, “spooky”, and “creepy” to give the reader a better sense of the atmosphere.

Adjectives are an important part of writing and speech and can be a great way to add detail and depth to your words. With the right adjectives, you can create vivid images, evoke powerful emotions, and bring your writing to life. So take some time to think about which adjectives you can use to make your words more interesting and engaging.

So, if you need help finding just the right word to include in your story, essay, or speech, here is a massive list of over 1250 adjectives sorted in alphabetical order to get you started.


1250+ Adjectives Organized by First Letter

50 Adjectives That Start With A

Abandoned, Abashed, Abhorrent, Abiding, Abject, Able, Ablaze, Abnormal, Aboard, Abounding, Abrupt, Absurd, Abundant, Acclaimed, Accurate, Achy, Acneridden, Acrid, Active, Actual, Adept, Adhesive, Admirable, Admired, Adorable, Adored, Advanced, Adventurous, Affectionate, Afraid, Ageless, Aggravating, Agile, Agitated, Agonizing, Agreeable, Alert, Alike, Alive, Alluring, Almighty, Ambitious, Amiable, Ample, Amused, Ancient, Angry, Annoyed, Anointed, Appealing, Apprehensive, Ardent, Artificial, Artistic, Assured

50 Adjectives That Start With B

Babbling, Baboonish, Backhanded, Bacterial, Bad, Baffled, Baleful, Balding, Balky, Bamboozled, Barbed, Barren, Bashful, Bated, Battling, Beaming, Beastly, Bedazzled, Beefy, Befuddled, Belittling, Bendable, Beneficent, Benign, Berserk, Bestial, Betrayed, BigHearted, Bitter, Bizarre, Black, Bland, Blasphemous, Bleak, Blind, Blissful, Blithe, Bloody, Blunt, Boastful, Bold, Bony, Bountiful, Brainy, Bravest, Brave, Bright, Brilliant, Brisk, Broken, Bronzed, Brutal, Bubbly, Bulky, Bumbling, Burdened, Burly

50 Adjectives That Start With C

Calculating, Callous, Calm, Capable, Captivating, Careful, Caring, Caustic, Cavalier, Celebrated, Celestial, Certain, Charming, Cheerful, Childlike, Chilly, Chivalrous, Clean, Clear, Clever, Cloying, Cocky, Coherent, Cold, Colorful, Comforting, Commanding, Commendable, Compassionate, Competent, Complete, Compliant, Confident, Confused, Congenial, Conscientious, Considerate, Constant, Conquerable, Contemplative, Content, Convincing, Cooperative, Courageous, Courteous, Crafty, Credible, Critical, Crude, Cruel, Cunning, Curious

50 Adjectives That Start With D

Dainty, dapper, daring, dark, dazzling, deadly, debonair, defiant, deliberate, delicate, delightful, democratic, demonic, dependable, desperate, determined, devious, dexterous, dexterous, didactic, different, diffident, diligent, diminutive, diplomatic, dire, direct, dirtless, discreet, disarming, discerning, disciplined, discontented, discriminative, disdainful, distant, divergent, diversified, dizzying, documentary, dogged, dynamic, dizzying

50 Adjectives That Start With E

Eager, Early, Earnest, Easy, Eclectic, Economic, Edgy, Educated, Effective, Efficient, Elastic, Elated, Elder, Electric, Elegant, Elementary, Eloquent, Elusive, Emaciated, Embarrassed, Emotional, Empathetic, Energetic, Engaging, Enhanced, Enlightened, Enormous, Enraged, Entertaining, Enthusiastic, Enticing, Envious, Epic, Equitable, Essential, Esteemed, Esthetic, Ethical, Euphoric, Evasive, Evident, Evil, Exact, Exalted, Excellent, Excitable, Exclusive, Expansive, Expensive, Experienced, Expert, Extensive, Extravagant, Exuberant

50 Adjectives That Start With F

Faded, Faithful, Fairylike, Faithless, Faltering, Fancy, Farreaching, Fascinated, Fastidious, Faultless, Fearful, Fecund, Feisty, Feline, Fertile, Festive, Fickle, Fierce, Finicky, Finite, Firm, Flagrant, Flaky, Flashy, Flawless, Fledgling, Flexible, Flimsy, Flippant, Florid, Flourishing, Fluffy, Focused, Folksy, Foolhardy, Forgiving, Formidable, Forthright, Fragile, Fragrant, Frank, Frantic, Frazzled, Free, Fretful, Frivolous, Frisky, Frivolous, Frugal, Fruitful, Fulfilled, Fuming, Funky, Funny, Furtive

50 Adjectives That Start With G

Gabby, galactic, gallant, game, garrulous, gaseous, generous, genial, gentle, genuine, ghastly, giddy, ginger, glacial, glib, glamorous, gleaming, glittering, glum, glorious, glossy, gluttonous, good, goofy, gorgeous, graceful, grand, grateful, grave, great, greasy, greedy, green, grievous, grim, groggy, grotesque, grouchy, growing, gruff, grueling, grumpy, guarded, guilty, gusty, gyrating

50 Adjectives That Start With H

Haggard, hairless, handsome, handy, hapless, happy, hard, harsh, healthy, hearty, heavy, helpful, helpless, hesitant, high, hilarious, Himalayan, hippy, hoarse, hollow, holy, homeless, homely, honorable, hopeful, horrible, hospitable, hot, huge, humble, humorous, humid, hungry, hurtful, husky, hybrid, hypoallergenic, hysterical, hypocritical

50 Adjectives That Start With I

Idealistic, Ignoble, Ignominious, Ignorant, Illadvised, Illbred, Illdefined, Illfated, Illhumored, Illjudged, Illmannered, Illnatured, Illtempered, Illiberal, Illicit, Illimitable, Illiterate, Illogical, Illusive, Illusory, Imaginative, Immaculate, Immaterial, Immature, Immeasurable, Imminent, Immiscible, Immoderate, Immovable, Immune, Immutable, Impalpable, Imperative, Imperceptible, Imperious, Impermanent, Impermeable, Impertinent, Impetuous, Impious, Implacable, Implausible, Important, Imposing, Impotent, Impractical, Impregnable, Impressionable, Improbable, Impulsive, Inactive, Inadequate, Inadmissible, Inadvertent, Inalienable, Inanimate, Inapplicable, Inapposite, Inarticulate, Incalculable, Incandescent, Incapable, Incipient, Incisive, Inclement, Incoherent

50 Adjectives That Start With J

Jaded, Jagged, Jalapeno, Jarring, Jazzy, Jealous, Jesting, Jittery, Jocose, Jolly, Jovial, Joyful, Joyous, Jubilant, Judicious, Juicy, Jumbled, Jumpy, Juvenile, Jazzy, Jocular, Jovial, Jubilant, Judicious, Juicy, Jumbled, Jumpy, Juvenile, Jagged, Jaunty, Jazzy, Jocular, Jovial, Joyful, Joyous, Jubilant, Judicious, Judicial, Juicy, Jumbled, Jumpy, Juvenile, Jocular, Jovial, Joyful, Joyous, Jubilant, Judicious, Judicial, Jaunty, Jazzy, Jocular, Jovial, Joyful, Joyous

50 Adjectives That Start With K

Kaleidoscopic, keen, key, kind, kindred, kingsize, kissable, knavish, knightly, knitted, knotted, knowing, knowledgeable, knurled, knotted, kooky, kosher, kingly, klutzy, knobby, knobbed, knotted, knotty, knurled, knobby, knowing, knowledgeseeking, kindhearted, kindled, kingly, kooky, kosher, kosherly, kooky, kookie, kingly, knobby, knurled, knotted, knotty, knowledgeable, knowledgeable, knowledgeseeking, kooky, kosher, kissable, kingsize, kindhearted, kind

50 Adjectives That Start With L

Lackadaisical, Laconic, Lagging, Lambent, Lamentable, Languid, Lanky, Larcenous, Largesse, Lasting, Laudable, Lavish, Lax, Lean, Leery, Legitimate, Leisured, Lenient, Lethargic, Levelheaded, Leveraged, Levity, Liberal, Liberated, Licit, Lighthearted, Limber, Limpid, Lingering, Literary, Lithe, Livid, Loathsome, Lofty, Logical, Lonesome, Longlasting, Longwinded, Loquacious, Lucid, Lucrative, Ludicrous, Lumbering, Luminous, Luscious, Lustrous, Luxurious, Lyric

50 Adjectives That Start With M

Macho, Macabre, Magical, Magnanimous, Magnificent, Majestic, Malevolent, Malicious, Mammoth, Manifest, Marvelous, Massive, Maternal, Mature, Mean, Measurable, Meaty, Mechanical, Meddlesome, Mediocre, Medium, Melancholy, Melodic, Melodious, Mellow, Memorable, Merciful, Meritorious, Messy, Meticulous, Metrical, Microscopic, Migratory, Mild, Military, Mirthful, Mischievous, Misty, Modest, Moist, Monotonous, Monstrous, Monumental, Moral, Morphological, Mortified, Motivated, Motley, Multifaceted, Multilingual, Mundane, Musical, Mutable, Mutinous

50 Adjectives That Start With N

Naive, naivete, nameless, narcissistic, narrow, nascent, native, natural, naughty, nauseated, nauseous, naval, navigable, near, neat, nebulous, needy, nefarious, negative, neglected, negligible, neighborly, neon, nervy, nervous, nettlesome, neutral, new, newfound, nifty, nimble, noble, noiseless, noisy, nonchalant, noncommittal, nonplussed, nonstop, normal, nostalgic, notable, noteworthy, notorious, novel, numb, numerous, nurturing, nutritious, nutty, nymph-like

50 Adjectives That Start With O

Oafish, Obedient, Obese, Oblivious, Oblong, Obnoxious, Obscene, Obsequious, Obsessive, Obstinate, Obtuse, Obvious, Occasional, Odious, Odorous, Offbeat, Offensive, Official, Offhand, Offish, Offputting, Okay, Oldfashioned, Oleaginous, Ominous, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Oncoming, Onesided, Opalescent, Openminded, Opinionated, Oppressive, Optimistic, Opulent, Orotund, Ornery, Orthodox, Oscular, Ostentatious, Outlandish, Outrageous, Outstanding, Outward, Overbearing, Overcast, Overjoyed, Overlooked, Oversized, Overt, Overwhelming, Overzealous

50 Adjectives That Start With P

Pachydermatous, pacific, padded, painful, palatable, pale, pallid, palmy, palpable, panicky, panoramic, paramount, parental, pare, parched, pastoral, passionate, passive, paternal, pat, patchy, palpable, paunchy, pearly, peckish, pedantic, pedigreed, peevish, penitent, perceptive, perfect, periodic, peripheral, perpetual, persnickety, pert, pervasive, petulant, philanthropic, philosophical, phlegmatic, pied, pious, placid, plaintive, plausible, pleasant, pliable, plush, poignant, pokey, polar, pompous, portentous, positive, powerful, precious, pristine, prodigious, profound

50 Adjectives That Start With Q

Quaint, qualified, quaking, qualified, quackish, quizzical, quivering, quirky, quarrelsome, quiescent, quaggy, quick, quivering, quaint, quelled, queer, quaking, quixotic, quarrelsome, quarrelsome, quackish, quarrelsome, quiescent, quixotic, quenchless, quickwitted, quiet, quenchless, querulous, quavering, quivery, quicksilver, quavery, quondam, querulous, quarrelsome, quenchable, quivering, quizzical, quixotic, quaffable, quondam, quivery, quintessential, quixotic, quarrelsome, quenchless, quibbling, quaint, quavering, quenchable, quixotic, queasy, quaking, quaint, querulous

50 Adjectives That Start With R

Rabid, Radiant, Radical, Ragged, Rainy, Rancid, Rank, Rapid, Rare, Raspy, Ratty, Raw, Ready, Real, Reassuring, Rebel, Receptive, Reckless, Reconstructed, Rectangular, Red, Refined, Reflective, Regal, Regular, Relevant, Reliable, Remarkable, Remote, Repugnant, Resilient, Resolute, Resourceful, Respectful, Responsible, Responsive, Restful, Resultant, Rich, Rigid, Righteous, Rigorous, Roasted, Robust, Romantic, Roomy, Rotten, Rough, Royal, Rude, Rugged, Rustic, Ruthless

50 Adjectives That Start With S

Safe, salty, same, sandy, saucy, savvy, scenic, secretive, selfless, senior, sensual, serious, shaky, shallow, sharp, shiny, shockproof, short, shy, sickly, sincere, skilled, slick, slippery, slow, small, smart, smelly, smooth, snug, soft, somber, sordid, soulful, sparkling, special, spiritual, spooky, spotless, sturdy, stylish, suave, subtle, successful, sulfuric, sunny, super, superior, swift, sympathetic, systematic, systematic

50 Adjectives That Start With T

tacit, tactile, tactical, taintless, tainted, tall, tangible, tangy, tasteful, tasteless, tasty, taut, tawny, tawdry, teachable, tearful, teasing, technical, tedious, teeny, tenable, tender, tense, tenuous, terrible, terrific, tested, testy, thankful, therapeutic, thick, thin, thickskinned, thinskinned, thoughtful, thoughtless, thrifty, thrilling, throaty, thunderous, tidy, tight, timid, timeless, timely, tinny, tiresome, tolerant, topical, torpid, tough, toxic, tranquil, tricky, trim, trite, troubled, trusting, trustworthy, truthseeking

50 Adjectives That Start With U

Ubiquitous, utopian, ulcerous, umber, umbrageous, umpteen, unadorned, unappreciated, unassuming, unbowed, unceasing, uncharitable, uncertain, unclouded, uncomely, uncommitted, uncompromising, unconcerned, uncouth, uncritical, undaunted, underhand, understated, understood, undue, undying, unearthly, uneasy, uneven, ungainly, unfailing, unfaltering, unfavorable, unfeeling, unfettered, unflagging, ungainly, ungrateful, unhinged, unholy, uniform, unique, unlimited, unpleasant, unpretentious, unproductive, unqualified, unruly, unrewarded, unruffled, unscathed, unseemly, unsightly, unspoken, unspoiled, unsullied, untainted, untimely, untried, untroubled, unvarying, unworldly

50 Adjectives That Start With V

Valiant, valid, valuable, vanishing, vapid, variable, varied, various, vascular, vassal, vaunted, vehement, velvet, venomous, venerable, veracious, verified, veritable, versatile, vibrant, vicarious, vigilant, vincible, vintage, viperous, virtuous, virulent, visible, visionary, vital, vivacious, vocal, volatile, voluble, voluminous, voracious, voyeuristic, vulnerable, voracious, vivifying, vogue, volitional, vacillating, vociferous, volatile, volatile, voluptuous, voracious, vulnerable, vulpine, vying

50 Adjectives That Start With W

Wacky, waggish, wavering, waxy, wayward, weakened, wealthily, weathered, whimsical, whiplike, whispery, white, wholesome, wicked, wide, wideeyed, wideranging, widthwise, willful, willing, winsome, wintry, wise, wistful, witty, wizardly, woeful, wonderful, wooly, wordless, workable, working, worldly, worn, worried, worrisome, worshipful, worthful, worthwhile, wrathful, wreathed, wretched, wriggly, wrinkled, writeable, written, wrong, wry, wudgy, wyominglike

9 Adjectives That Start With X

Xanthic, Xanthous, Xenial, Xenophobic, Xeric, Xiphoid, Xyloid, Xylophonic, Xerophytic

50 Adjectives That Start With Y

Young, yoked, yon, yummy, yawning, yeasty, yellow, yielding, yipping, yokelish, yonder, yare, yokel, yearning, yogic, yonky, tipping, yonderly, yappy, yielding, yummylicious, yonkered, yawping, yawling, yonkish, yippee, yarely, yippingly, yondermost, yowling, yappyish, yolky, yelping, yonward, yucky, yawlingly, yokelishly, yuckyish, yonwardly, yolky-yellow, yonderward, yuckyish, yippingly, yonwardly, yawlingly, yokelike, yonderwardly, yonwardish, yucky-yucky, yolky-white, yonwardish, yondermostly, yolky-brown, yonwardly, yokeful, yonderly, yolky-yellowish

50 Adjectives That Start With Z

Zany, Zealous, Zestful, Zigzag, Zippy, Zonked, Zonular, Zootic, Zesty, Zibeline, Zingy, Zippy, Zircon, Zingy, Zany, Zippy, Zesty, Zonked, Zonular, Zesty, Zesty, Zaftig, Zestful, Zonal, Zirconic, Zesty, Zippy, Zymotic, Zibeline, Zesty, Zesty, Zestful, Zonary, Zesty, Zonular, Zippy, Zingy, Zonked, Zonular, Zesty, Zesty, Zesty, Zippy, Zesty, Zaftig, Zany, Zippy, Zesty, Zonked, Zonular, Zymotic, Zircon, Zesty, Zesty, Zonary, Zesty, Zesty, Zanier, Zonked, Zonular, Zippy, Zingy, Zonular

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