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How to draw a park

How to Draw 50 Things When Bored With Videos

How to draw a park
Don’t know what to draw when you’re bored? I was in the same boat this week and wanted a good reference guide for things to draw in the future.
So I gathered together 50 ideas of things to draw and found how-to instructional videos for each of them. They range from easy to advanced so there’s room for everybody!
Oh, and I’m not very good at drawing either. That’s why I’ve included links to guides for everything to draw!

I hope you enjoy it, let’s get started.

How to Draw 50 Different Things

1. Draw a house (or maybe your own)

Why not start with something familiar like a house? Or better yet, draw your very own dream home!

2. How to draw a spider

If you’re anything like me, you’re not a huge an of big spiders in real life. So why not overcome your fear by drawing them?

3. Draw a puppy or dog

Everyone loves puppies right? Go draw some!

4. Draw human hands

Every cartoonist’s nightmare — drawing a 5 fingered hand! But don’t fret, here’s a video on how to draw them properly.

6. How to draw faces

While we’re on the subject of human parts — why not try the other difficult area on peope? Faces.

7. Draw a dragon

Let’s get a little more Game-of-Thrones for a second and learn how to draw dragons.

8. How to draw birds

Perhaps we could chase after a smaller winged creature instead — birds.

9. Draw Batman

While we’re on the subject of winged creatures, maybe we could attempt the superhero Batman — even if he can’t naturally fly.

10. Draw Iron Man

Or maybe we want to learn to draw the best superhero out there — which is of course, Iron Man.

11. Draw a 3D letter

Maybe you’re looking for something more technical — and cool! Let’s take a look at drawing 3D letters.

12. Draw a 3D ladder

How about something else in 3D? As an added bonus, it looks like an optical illusion in this video.

13. Draw a 3D hole

One last 3D object to learn here, which is also a bit of an optical illusion. Draw a 3D hole into the neverending abyss.

14. How to draw scenery of a flood

Maybe you’re looking for something a bit more left-field? Here’s a video on how to draw a scenery of a flood.

15. Learn to draw a perfect circle by hand

Something else I’ve always wanted to do but never tried — learning how to draw a perfect circle by hand.

16. Draw a unicorn

Now time for something I never had a desire to draw — but hey, maybe you do?

17. Draw a kissing emoji

Are you tired of using quick keyboard shortcuts for emojis? Then you should learn how to draw them instead!

18. How to draw a rose

You’ll probably need something else to go alongside that kissing emoji — so why not learn to draw a rose?

19. Draw an ice cream cone

Getting hungry yet? Let’s try a simple ice cream cone.

20. Draw a castle

Finished up drawing houses already? Let’s advance to elite status and draw ourselves a castle.

21. Draw a dolphin

Let’s dip into the sea for a bit and learn how to draw a dolphin.

22. Draw a diamond

Do you think you “shine like a diamond?” If not, you can at least learn to draw one.

23. Draw nature scenery

Perhaps look outside your window or take a picture on your next hike. The world is full of beautiful scenery to draw. Here’s a guide similar to the flood scene’s style for how to draw outside scenery.

24. Draw a triangle optical illusion

Want to learn some more trick art? Try this triangle in the form of an optical illusion.

25. How to draw a wolf

Back to wild animals again, what’s cooler than a wolf out in the wilderness?

26. Draw a Celtic knot

Feeling a bit Irish lately? Try your hand at drawing a Celtic knot.

27. Draw a Minion

Are you a fan of Despicable Me? It would be fun knowing how to draw a Minion from the movie then.

28. How to draw a hamburger

I’m feeling a bit hungry after all this drawing, so why not draw a hamburger?

29. Draw a cow

And where do hamburgers come from? That’s right. Draw a colorful cow.

30. How to draw trees

Fall is approaching (depending on when you read this), so let’s prepare by drawing intricate trees.

31. Draw a 3D skyscraper

This one looks really cool but requires some cutting. Be careful!

32. Draw a horse

Everyone should really know how to draw a horse at some point in their lives, right?

33. Draw a Rubik’s Cube

I learned how to solve one of these a few years ago, it’s pretty neat. Now it’s time to learn how to draw one too!

(Here’s a video too, if your curious about how to solve a Rubic’s cube.)

34. Draw a Range Rover car

Are you a fan of cars? Let’s get specific — how about Range Rovers?

35. How to draw a room

If you already drew the house or the castle, you might as well open up the doors and draw a room inside.

36. Draw a lion

Give your wolf-drawing a companion and create a fierce-looking lion!

37. Draw a baby Yoda

Have you caught up with the awesome series, The Mandalorian? If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you have to watch this show. It’s also where the cute baby Yoda meme came from.

38. How to draw the Taj Mahal

Feeling architecture-y? Let’s draw the Taj Mahal.

39. Draw Pennywise the Clown

Have you seen the movie, IT? IT’s one of the most famous Stephen King novels and was later turned into two great horror films. Go watch it and then draw the infamous demon.

40. How to draw Sonic the Hedgehog

Surely you played Sonic the Hedgehog growing up? I can still hear that annoying sound of rings clanging on the ground. Good times.

41. 3D Water Drop Heart

Want to impress that special someone in your life? Why not draw a 3D water droplet in the shape of a heart? Fancy.

42. Kit from Fortnite

I’ve resisted the urge to get into Fortnite, it seems a bit too addictive to me. But hey, to each their own. At least they have cool characters to draw — like Kit!

43. Sea Turtle

I almost got bit by a snapping turtle as a kid. Scary. I’m going to overcome my fear by drawing one now.

44. Great White Shark

I never got chased by a Shark in all my travels, but thanks to Jaws I’m always afraid of this happening. Thanks, Spielberg.

45. How to draw a fantasy World map

Lord of the Rings? Neverwinter Nights? World of Warcraft? All of these things involve elaborately cool World maps. Why not try your hand at learning the style?

46. Draw a Monarch Butterfly

How about something beautiful that is seen less and less these days?

47. How to draw clothing

Have you ever designed your own clothing? I’ve dabbled in some t-shirt labels but never took a crack at the actual clothes. Maybe you’d like to, though.

48. Draw a realistic bee

I bet you can create quite the buzz after learning how to draw this bee.

49. AT-AT from Star Wars

One of the most bad-ass vehicles in sci-fi — the AT-AT in the Star Wars series. Why haven’t you already learned how to draw this cool piece of tech?

50. A cute watermelon slice

Let’s finish off with a refreshing and healthy snack — watermelon!

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