• How the Rich Avoid Taxes and Gaslight Us When They Donate Billions to Charity

    MacKenzie Scott has now donated 8 billion dollars of her personal wealth to charities. While that act is noble in itself, her estimated wealth increased $23 billion during the same period.

    Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife literally can’t give her money away fast enough.

    Because she shouldn’t have had that much money in the first place. Neither should her ex-husband have. And neither should the other 717 billionaires in America.

    719 people who collectively now own more than 4x the wealth of the bottom half of Americans.…

  • Two Secret Tax Loopholes the Rich Use to Save Billions

    Let me tell you a story.

    Johnny Boom was born in 1960 to incredibly wealthy parents. So wealthy, in fact, that when they bought their first international publication, it ranked them as among the richest 1000 people in the country and named them ‘Couple of the Year’ in the same issue.

    What a crazy coincidence!

    Johnny Boom was raised right. He was sent to the best schools regardless of his grades and did everything that was expected of him.…