• 66 Famous Last Words to Remember and Enjoy

    The last words a person ever shouts out into the void of our universe is given a special place in our society. They mark an ending of something. That someone existed, and no longer exists, and is therefore unable to ever utter another sound.

    It’s a simple premise yet we often ascribe profound meaning to the last words someone is able to speak.

    And as a collective society we raise certain individuals up upon our shoulders in reverence, their last words seem to be even more special, somehow.…

  • The Hilarious Last Words of 10 Famous People from History

                                 We sat there philosophizing and passing around a bong full of medicine. These types of hangouts can often lead to some interesting discussions.

    This occasion was no different.

    If your plane was crashing, what would you do?” someone asked out of the blue (haze of medicine).

    Naturopathic practitioner #1: “Call my parents.

    Medicinal enthusiast #2: “Pray.”

    The person taking up a few minutes of your time today: “Tell a joke.” My friends looked confused at my answer.…