• 12 Ways Famous Actors Completely Transform Their Bodies

    I grew up in the Age of Arnold. Before the Austrian actor became famous for his Shakespearean classic lines, he was a king in the bodybuilding world.

    Not just a king — THE king.

    In the ‘60s he won the Mr. Universe championship no less than 4 times. One as an amateur, and three as a professional (read: steroids). He then went on to absolutely dominate the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition a whopping 7 times from 1970 to 1980.…

  • These 5 Foods Have a Huge Amount of Hidden Sugar Inside

    The WHO recommends less than 12 teaspoons of sugar per day. That’s about 50 grams or 200 calories. 10% of the usual 2,000 calories per day diet.

    But for most of us, on average, we eat over 94 grams between each moonrise.

    200 years ago, sugar wasn’t a commodity, it was treated as a luxury. According to records, a typical American only ate about 2 pounds per year of the sweet stuff. Today, that number is closer to 75.

    75 pounds!…

  • Diet is 90% of Your Weightloss. Believe Me, I Tried the Opposite

    “Whenever I feel like going off my diet, I just go to my happy place. The snack drawer.”

    Around two years ago I was a mightily hefty dude. I clocked in somewhere around 280 lbs at a height of 6 feet with relatively wide shoulders.

    Or at least they would be considered wide in the conventional sense — if they weren’t as round as a cherub’s ass by that point.

    You see, I let myself get rotund in my 30’s.


  • 8 Ways to Effectively Reduce Hunger

    If you’re anything like me, you face a vicious opponent a few nights every week. In my case, that adversary goes by the seemingly innocent name of Lay’s.

    But she is a mighty devil in a shiny coating. And she wins our nightly battles almost every time we meet in the dark alley of my kitchen cupboard.

    The face of our enemies may be different, but the battles usually end up in the same situation.

    Scorched earth. Short term satisfaction.…