• 3 Hugely Popular Harmful Movements That Are Based on Complete Lies

    Money isn’t everything. Unless you’re a high-paid executive in one of the countless unethical modern businesses, that is. Modern society simply values fame, power, and fortune over seemingly everything else these days.

    And it’s detrimental to our collective well-being.

    Here are three shocking instances that still heavily affect our world today — for the worse.

    How 3 Popular Movements Are Based on Complete Lies1. The OG Anti-Vaxxer Faked a Huge Study for Money

    Andrew Wakefield is a former somewhat prominent British doctor who was later barred from practicing.…

  • This Popular Card Game Taught Me Why Modern Capitalism Is so Incredibly Screwed Up

    I’m sure you’ve played this card game before. Some call it President, others call it Scum, Janitor, or even my personal favorite, Asshole. It’s a simple game that many of us learn as children.

    You take a full deck of cards and distribute them evenly to 4 or more players. You then follow the rules to capture cards each round, with the ultimate goal of emptying your entire hand before anyone else.

    Rules of Engagement

    The crux of this game is the rankings.…