• You Can Already Speak 200 Words in Chinese

    I’m a lazy bum when it comes to doing things consistently over the long term. I like to call it my own special version of Long-Term-ADHD, but really it’s just pointing to my weird enjoyment for pseudo-chaos in life.

    One of these long-term on-and-off-again yearnings of mine has been learning to read, speak, and listen to Mandarin Chinese. (Screw writing — that’s way too hard!)

    And I’m not bad at it, don’t get me wrong…at least for a white guy — I tell myself.…

  • 15 Over-the-Top Funny Chinese Words

    As a learner of Mandarin Chinese, I often come across words or phrases that just sound plain funny when translated to English.

    If you think about it though, most languages have words that sound a little strange when you examine their meaning. For example, people might give you a strange look if you said you were going to use your “far voice” to call the bank about a “dead pledge”. But if you talk like a normie, nobody will bat an eye when use your telephone to ring up the bank about a mortgage.…