Colloquialism Definition | Writing

Colloquialism is a word, phrase, or expression commonly used in casual, informal, or humorous conversations. They often contain slang, regionalisms, and other non-standard terms, and are usually specific to a certain region or language.

10 examples are:

1. “Gonna” (going to)
2. “Y’all” (you all)
3. “Dude” (guy, friend)
4. “Chillax” (chill and relax)
5. “Bite the bullet” (to do something difficult)
6. “Catch some z’s” (to sleep)
7. “Gimme a break” (give me a break)
8. “Keep it real” (Be honest and authentic)
9. “Hangry” (angry due to hunger)
10. “Bae” (term of endearment, short for babe or baby)